Arnold Schwarzenegger should get Oscar nomination for his role in “Maggie” and I really mean that!!!

Well I finally got around to watching the movie “Maggie” starring Arnie and Abigail Breslin. It was a really good movie too. It’s definitely one of the best movies released this year and I also think it’s Arnie’s best acting role. I really think Arnold should get Oscar nominated for his role in this film ’cause he did a good job with his acting in this film. You know how in most movies that Arnie’s acting wasn’t all that good? He’s more of an entertainer than an actor? Well, he really showed his acting chops in this movie and this movie proved that he can act really good! The reason is ’cause this is a different role for Arnold. He doesn’t play a typical tough guy & badass like he does in most of his movies. In this movie, Arnold is more serious and more real.

Yes, this film is a zombie film indeed but it’s not like the “Walking Dead” at all. You’re gonna see a different kind of zombie movie. Yes, in “Maggie” there are still some pretty scary scenes but this film mostly focuses on the story. It’s a more serious story. “Maggie” can be a bit slow pacing movie but that’s what I like about it. The movie can get pretty sad and intense at times. This movie is about a young girl who is infected by a virus and while she is being sick & has time to live her father stays by her side and supports her… the virus turns people into flesh eating zombies. While Maggie still has time, Arnie’s character, Wade Vogel refuses to quarantine his daughter and he wants to take care of her before she turns.

Like I said, this is no typical zombie film… you’re not gonna see “The Walking Dead” and you’re not gonna see George Romero at all. If you’re expecting those kind of zombie movies with this film, then you might be disappointed.

I really was impressed with Arnie’s acting in this film, he did an incredible job. This movie can get really sad though so if you watch this better have a box of kleenex nearby for sure. I’m thinking about re-watching it again later tonight ’cause it really was that damn good. I rented it through Netflix DVD. I think I’m definitely gonna buy it on BluRay too.

You should definitely check this one out.


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