Would Ronda Rousey make a good superhero for a Marvel film? I would say so!

These look pretty cool and Ronda would make a perfect superhero, absolutely! After these photos came out, I think either Marvel and DC would be interested in getting her for a big female superhero role someday.

What female Marvel superheroes would Ronda be? Well she would be a good Captain Marvel for sure after seeing the photo but what about others?

Well here’s a list of them:


Other than a female Captain Marvel, I think she’ll make a pretty good Dagger. You know Dagger from “Cloak & Dagger”?

I think Ronda will get her chance to play a superhero in a film sometime in the future whether it’ll be Marvel or DC. She’ll get her chance.


12 thoughts on “Would Ronda Rousey make a good superhero for a Marvel film? I would say so!”

    1. Yes I have seen her act in films. I’ve seen her in “The Expendables 3” and FF7. I haven’t seen “Entourage” yet. She’s a pretty good actress, in my opinion. I think she’ll do well in Hollywood and she could have a successful film career whenever she’s done with UFC.


      1. She is a newby. Perhaps she will become a really good actress, perhaps not, but it is too early for her to take a role like this. Especially too early to take the lead role in a big franchise. She didn’t even play secondary lead yet.

      2. Don’t be so negative! UFC stars, WWE wrestlers and even pro boxers getting acting roles with no acting experience is nothing new. It happened with Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Mr. T, Randy Couture and many others. They did pretty well with themselves in their film careers despite having no acting experience.


      3. I am not negative because she is a wrestler, I am negative because I think that while Wrestlers can do the transition to film, they have to work up the ladder. Take Batista. He did a number of smaller roles before he got the role of Drax the Destroyer, and this wasn’t a leading role, either, but one character in a group of five. Rounda Rousey was only in three movies so far, and in one she played herself. It’s too early for her to make the jump to being Captain Marvel. She first has to proof that she can handle a bigger role than she got so far, and then that she can handle being the lead, and then we can talk about her becoming a Superheroine.

      4. Ronda is building her way up. Starting off small by doing cameos which is a start. She did cameos in EX3, FF7 and the Entourage movie. Plus Ronda did a bunch of TV commercials so I would count that as acting experience, absolutely.

        She hasn’t done a big role yet ’cause she’s obviously busy with her UFC career… she just does an acting role whenever she doesn’t have a fight at the time…

        … but whenever she retires from the UFC, I can see her going on to acting full time. I’m pretty sure she has an acting coach that trains her so she’ll do fine in a major big screen role.


      5. Yes…but it won’t be in time to score the Captain Marvel role. We can talk again in five years. As long as she isn’t acting full time and doesn’t have a number of acting credits, I won’t endorse her doing anything mayor.

      6. I’m standing by what I say. She’ll make a badass superhero and I think she’ll do well.

        And also, I don’t get why people are mad at Ronda for agreeing to play herself in her own biopic movie when she already played herself in a movie back in 2009. She played herself in a low budget movie about Judo called “American Judoka”.


        You can watch it on youtube.


      1. … but if you actually read the article yourself the Marvel CEO was discussing things with the Sony CEO. Disney owns the rights to most Marvel characters so it’s their decision if they want to do a female superhero film. It won’t be Marvel’s decision at all.


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