Isn’t it interesting how liberals quickly went from supporting Hillary to supporting Bernie?

Before the elections even started, I could have sworn liberals were obsessed with wanting Hillary to become president. They were all over her for a while but now libtards are obsessed with wanting Bernie Sanders in the White House. While I’m not a big fan of Bernie Sanders, I can deal with him as president, I guess ’cause anybody is better than Hillary, ya know? I just don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House and if Bernie turns out to be the one who will stop her from getting elected then kudos to him.

Again, I don’t care about Bernie Sanders and can’t figure out why liberals love him so much. Especially with him not doing much with “Black Lives Matter” protesters…

A few reasons why people shouldn’t be supporting Bernie Sanders:

– He’s a known socialist

– He wrote that “sexist” essay degrading women. Yet liberals totally ignored it.

– He was too weak to stop “Black Lives Matter” protesters shutting down his rally.

Liberals still love him. That’s the thing about liberals… they ignore all the bad stuff about democrat politicians & candidates but continue to support them anyway. That’s messed up, ya know? I really believe libtards really are misinformed and naive with their politics. The way they post their politics in facebook is proof of that.

I don’t think Bernie has what it takes to win at all. Trump is gonna win by a landslide, watch for it!


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