Thought: Teen suicides and cyberbullies…

So teens killing themselves because they get picked on for being gay is on the rise, and this is making the news both locally and nationally. While this is sad and horrible, I personally think stuff like this shouldn’t even be making the news. Cyberbullying or kids getting picked on at school, happens all the time. So the question you have to ask is, who is the guilty one here? Is it the bullies or is the teens who committed suicide ’cause of the bullying? I’m going to take the blame on the teen and not the bullies. The thing is, when you put yourself out there on the internet, you’re going to get a lot of cyberbullies and haters. Whether you put yourself out there in facebook, myspace, etc. Where ever, you’re going to expect a lot of harassment from anonymous people. That’s just the way the internet is. Those kids who killed themselves for over some computer, they are probably childish people themselves who couldn’t ignore the bullying.

Anybody can become a victim of anonymous cyberbullying. Not just gay teens. Straight people can get cyberbullied too, both straight men and women. If you’re going to get yourself on social networking sites, you gotta have guts and “IGNORE” all harassment and drama. It isn’t that hard to do. Suicide is a pretty selfish thing to do, so the kids who killed themselves over this stuff, didn’t have the balls to ignore cyberbullying and didn’t have what it takes to defend themselves.

Anonymous cyberbullies just go around looking for things to pick on and look for things to laugh at. Gotta be an adult over this stuff, not take bullying seriously, and not care what anybody thinks or says about you. When will these kids take the blame on their suicides, maybe it was them that started it all that got them to bully them. This is why underage teens shouldn’t even be using the internet.

I get my share of cyberbullying, but that’s alright, I’m cool with it. I can deal with it like a man and act like internet drama is nothing to me. Period.


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