Report: Why Zack Snyder was hired to do “Superman” and plot possibly revealed?

Ok, here is the real reason why Zack Snyder was chosen to do the next, “Superman” movie. The reason is, David Goyer’s script was rushed and it was still a huge mess. They needed a director who can get things done quickly and not take their time. Zack Snyder is known to do everything quickly, so that’s why he was hired so he can help David and Chris complete the story quickly. They need to get things done quickly because remember, the lawsuit thing by the original Superman heirs, they must get a new Superman movie in production by 2011, or they could get a nasty lawsuit.

The plot has been leaked. The plot to the new “Superman” movie is rumored to be similar to “Batman: Begins”. Clark Kent is a journalist at the Daily Planet in Metropolis and he is just trying to decide whether or not to become, Superman.

More on the story, here.

If that’s what the plot is for the next movie, that’s pretty cool. I honestly, really like it. The plot is getting a lot of flak online, but Clark Kent trying to decide whether to be Superman or not, has NOT been done before in a film or a TV show. So that’s an original idea. I’m sure there is more to that story ’cause Zack Snyder himself hinted at what the plot could be about, “Why Superman?”.  Doesn’t sound like a remake of the TV show, “Smallville” or “Superman: The Movie” to me. Keep in mind that this a rumored plot so it’s not official. I’m not believing anything until either Zack or Chris starts talking about the story to the media.

If most of the movie is going to be taken place at the Daily Planet, where Clark Kent works, he’ll get harassed and bossed around by Perry White most of the time, would be an entertaining movie. Sounds like the story is just going to have Clark Kent throughout most of the movie, and Superman won’t actually show up toward the end. I hope Superman won’t show up toward the end, we need Superman throughout most of the movie.

I’m sure Zack or Chris will soon confirm if this plot is true or not once this news hits the internet heavy enough. Maybe they’ll reveal the real plot after?

In other casting ideas, I’d love to see Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard of Star Trek: TNG) get the role of Jor-El. Patrick could easily give it a Marlon Brando feel.


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