Report: Weezer hater is willing to pay the band $10 million to break up…

Weezer maybe a real popular band still but they still have haters out there too, this one hater, however, is taking the Weezer hate a bit too far. Don’t you think? A man named, James Burns has started a donation campaign to raise $10 million dollars to pay Weezer for them to break up. See the donation, here. Yes, James Burns is serious about this. Mr. Burns did an interview over at the Stranger blog to talk about it.

Sounds like this guy is completely jealous of Weezer’s fame and popularity. I’m not much a Weezer fan anymore, but it’s all up to the band to decide whether they want to break up or not. I don’t think Weezer will ever break up, no matter the cost. So this delusional loser, can keep trying. I don’t think he’ll be a success at this. Sounds like Mr. Burns wants to keep the $10 million for himself, so don’t buy into this scam, people.

What a loser this guy is! If you hate a band so much, just don’t buy their records or listen to them. Simple! This asshole is clearly jealous for sure!


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