Report: Tom Hardy casted for Christopher Nolan’s, “Dark Knight 3” but keeping his role a secret for now…

Wow! Christopher Nolan is on a roll with both “Superman” and “Batman”, working on both at the same time, it seems! First Chris hires Zack Snyder to direct, “Superman” and now Chris hires Tom Hardy for a top secret character in, the “Dark Knight 3”. They won’t reveal Tom’s character yet, but everyone is quickly assuming that it could be a villain character.

See the article at, Deadline.

Now, now, people. Settle down. The article never said, that Tom could possibly be playing a villain. I mean, he could, but Tom could still be playing a major good guy character, too. Don’t you think that Tom Hardy could play a good guy character who tries to help, Batman? I’m not saying he could be playing, Robin, but a different Batman character who’s a good guy.

Maybe Tom could be playing, Harold Allnut, who helps Batman with his crazy gadgets and maybe Hush could be the main villain for, “Batman 3”? Something like that could be a possibility. All this talk on Tom playing a lead villain, is just speculation, ’cause I guess that’s what the Deadline article wanted people to do. To play all these silly guessing games for the villain he will be playing.

If Tom is indeed playing a villain, I’d like to see him not playing one of those crazy costumed villains. Maybe Tom could play the role of Joe Chill? Joe Chill is the guy that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents and this could be a nice revenge story.

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