Report: “Watchmen” drama fuels up some more…

*yawn* Here’s the latest drama on this whole Warner Bros. vs. Fox feud over a superhero movie “Watchmen”. As you probably read in the news already, this battle has been moved to Federal Court.

Warner Bros. producer wrote an open letter to the public at FOX, begging them to drop the lawsuit and let them release the film as planned. Of course, typical FOX immediately responded, still vowing to fight and still aiming to destroy Warner’s movie.

More on it here:,0,3614801.story

Warner’s wanted the Federal court to make an early decision on the project, so instead, both FOX and Warners make a settlement to delay a court hearing until Monday. FOX is still wanting Warner’s “Watchmen” to be destroyed no matter what happens and no matter what anybody says.

Variety Reports:

Like I said before, if FOX is successful and destroys Warner’s movie, I will act like Twentieth Century Fox don’t even exist to me. As I said in a blog post before: 1) Selling every DVD distributed by FOX in my collection 2) Will no longer see a FOX movie in theater even if it looks good to me 3) Will no longer report anything Twentieth Century Fox related in the blog, it all still stands to me.

FOX know they have no reason to destroy the “Watchmen” project even if they do own the distrubition rights. It’s clearly an ego thing. It’s all ego, money, and power.


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