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Robert Plant sings Doo Wop with Jimmy Fallon…

I thought this was pretty good. Jimmy Fallon singing Doo Wop music with Robert Plant. Seeing Robert’s reaction to the Ipad was funny shit… that had me crackin’ up. The way Robert reacts to the sample recording is funny too.

Guess Robert is still trying to figure out today’s technology, HA!

Keep in mind back when Robert was young like in his 20’s, there was none of this stuff. Back in the 70’s, there were no computers, internet, social networking, Iphones, Ipads, etc. So I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know anything about today’s technology.

Enjoy the video. I’ll be getting the new Robert Plant album soon. I really loved the “Rainbow” song.


Iggy Azalea have pretty much won the internet, I think…

Thanks to Weird Al and Jimmy Fallon, Iggy Azalea is about to become a huge mainstream star. She could be bigger than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, etc. All week, I’ve been seeing facebook talking about her. Plus, I’ve been seeing a lot of facebook users listening to her on Spotify. I’m sure you’ve seen all that too. You can expect Iggy’s album, “The New Classic” to be a no. 1 record pretty soon here. It should be.

Iggy has become a hit on the internet ’cause she’s real good. I love her myself and I usually hate that kind of music. Weird isn’t it? Iggy is one of those artists you can listen to doesn’t matter the genre that you like. If you like metal and rock n’ roll, you would probably like Iggy. You don’t have to be into strictly rap/pop to like Iggy. Anybody who likes any genre can like her.

Iggy’s music is just a lot of fun and her songs are catchy. Plus her lyrics can be pretty deep and have a lot of meaning. I think she’s one of the best pop & rap artists to come out in a long time. I can’t stop listening to, “The New Classic”. It’s an addicting album. One of my favorite albums of this year.

I’m almost 100% positive that not a lot of people heard of Iggy until Weird Al is gonna parody one of her songs and then Jimmy Fallon covered her song on the Tonight Show. That’s pretty much how I heard of Iggy ’cause of Weird Al, I’ve never heard of her before then. I got curious, looked her up in youtube and started listening to her music and decided that I would like her stuff. As long as Weird Al likes her then she is probably good and she is. One of the things that Weird Al is good at when parodying artists is that he helps gives them more recognition. This is why he parodies a lot of artists ’cause it’s his way of supporting them and helping them.

I got the Deluxe Edition of Iggy’s album “The New Classic” when she put a few extra songs on it. It’s a good record and probably one of the best albums of this year. I really mean that too and I’m not into this kind of music that much.

My main genre of music is rock n’ roll and metal but I like a little bit everything else. Iggy rules and I would see her in concert if she ever came around here.

Yes, I think I changed my mind and will probably end up getting the new Weird Al album.


Neil Young covers Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” with Crosby, Stills and Nash…

I’ll have to admit that this was the best thing Jimmy Fallon have done in a long time. No matter what you think of Iggy Azalea, love her or hate her, Jimmy just gave her even more exposure by covering her song. I thought Jimmy did great and so did Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Expect Iggy’s album, “The New Classic” to sell even more now. “The New Classic” by Iggy is a great album and I can’t believe I’m saying that myself. Her music really is enjoyable stuff and I’m not into rap & pop music much.


Chad Smith and Will Ferrell drum-off thoughts…

I don’t like Jimmy Fallon anymore ’cause he’s gotten so annoying as of late and he still is. Why is he annoying as fuck? Because he does all of these lame performances with celebrities like the rapping with Brian Williams, history of rap with Justin Timberlake, and all of that lame garbage. Plus, when Jimmy has musical guests on his show to end the night with, Jimmy will jump in and perform with them. Jimmy gets himself in the spotlight almost all of the time and that’s why he’s annoying. He’s a nice guy but he really needs to leave his ego at the door and let other stars a chance for the spotlight.

At least Jimmy didn’t get himself in the middle of the Chad and Will drum-off battle. So kudos to him on that. It was better seeing the Chilli Peppers jump in on it instead of Jimmy.

I know Chad and Will look almost exactly alike. They look the same pretty much, almost like twins but I can still easily tell which one is which. The way you can tell is that Will is much fatter than Chad. Another way you can tell that Chad is the better drummer, of course… lol. It was too predictable that Will was gonna win the whole thing as soon as he took out the cowbell but still this was an entertaining as hell segment.

This was probably the best thing Jimmy did on “The Tonight Show” ever since he took over. I did laugh and the episode was funny as hell as I predicted it would be.

Now you know exactly why NBC was in a hurry to get Jimmy to replace Jay, right? Jimmy helps brings up the ratings, that’s why.

I think Chad and Will should star in a comedy film together. Wouldn’t surprise me if that would be happening soon.


Will Ferrell and Chad Smith drum battle on Jimmy Fallon tonight…

I hate Jimmy Fallon. I don’t watch him anymore. I am actually curious to see this. Finally, Chad and Will finally together! It’s really happening!

Please, Jimmy! Don’t get yourself in the middle of their performance! I hate it when Jimmy does that with musical guests on his show, Jimmy jumps in the middle of it and performs with them. I hope Jimmy stays out of this one. He better.

I’m sure the drum battle between Chad and Will is gonna be funny as hell, though. Hopefully Jimmy stays out of it.


Sarah Palin calls Vladimir Putin on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit that this segment on Jimmy Fallon last night was pretty funny as hell. Jimmy Fallon maybe a democrat/left-winger kind of guy but this shows he supports “right-wingers” and their opinions. He doesn’t mind right-winger politicians appearing on his show.

Finally, Jimmy does something good for once! I liked this. Sarah did a good job. She can do comedy pretty well.



NBC finally confirms Jimmy Fallon is taking over for Jay Leno, but can you trust them???

I hope Jimmy Fallon is skeptical of taken over for Jay Leno. Is Jay Leno really retiring this time? For good, hopefully? After all that Conan O’ Brien debacle, Jimmy should be a little worried. Jimmy hosts the new show for a few days, and the next thing you know, Leno, comes out of retirement again.

I can’t stand, Jay Leno. His show always sucked. Jay is not a funny guy (Jimmy is way funnier), and Jay is just boring as hell. If Jay is gonna be gone for good, I’d say good riddance. Now I wonder who’s going to take over Jimmy Fallon’s show, and what’s gonna happen with, The Roots?

I like Jimmy Fallon. I try to stay up and watch his show, but I’m asleep by then, these days. So I’m glad Jimmy will be on an hour early pretty soon. Lets hope NBC will stick to their word this time, and not have Jay Leno take over again like with all that Conan drama. Hopefully, it won’t be de ja vu, all over again.


Report: Jimmy Fallon turns down Oscars host gig, says “2013” wasn’t his year…

Last week, the Academy wanted Jimmy Fallon to host the Oscars in 2013, but ABC was kind of skeptical about it at first because they were a station who aired “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and they were competing against, Fallon’s “Late Night Show”. Even though it looks that negotiations between ABC and NBC may be on good terms now, turns out that Jimmy Fallon doesn’t want to host the Oscars anyway, even if he was offered. Jimmy confirmed the news on the Today Show. He said 2013 wasn’t the right time for him.

More on the story, here.

While it’s a bummer he turned it down ’cause he would make an entertaining host, I give him kudos for his honesty. I hope the Oscars will find a good host, next year. Anybody but Billy Crystal or Steve Martin. They hosted the Oscars enough times.

I know the Oscars are trying very hard to get a good host but seems everyone turns them down: Hugh Jackman, Russell Brand, Eddie Murphy, etc.

I’d like to see Ricky Gervais get it in 2013 ’cause he seems to be doing a good job with the Golden Globes, plus the guy is funny as hell.


Report: Jimmy Fallon set to release new comedy album…

Jimmy Fallon, the former Saturday Night Live cast member and current host of NBC “Late Night”, is set to release a new comedy album through Warner Bros. records. The album will include original songs, parodies, and other things. This would make Jimmy’s second album since, “The Bathroom Wall”, released in 2002.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

So is the album going to be backed up the by, The Roots? Probably. If the album doesn’t have his song of the parody of, “Whip My Hair”, with Bruce Springsteen, I’m not buying it. I’m pretty sure that song will be on the album ’cause that performance on his show was a hit.

I admire Jimmy Fallon’s talent. He’s a very talented man and funny as hell. I try to watch him every night, but I fall asleep a lot. Not because I’m bored, but it’s because I get sleepy around that time. Jimmy is quite a guy and he does a good job hosting a late night show.



Cool Video: Crosby, Nash and Neil Young reunion??? Well, sort of…

On Jimmy Fallon last night there was some kind of CSNY reunion. Jimmy Fallon was playing as Neil Young again singing a song called, “Party In the USA”. Out comes surprise special guest singers: Graham Nash and David Crosby. Yes, the real Graham Nash and David Crosby, not played by actors. This was a killer performance. Nash and Crosby great singers like usual. The only one who didn’t come out was obviously, Stephen Stills.

What’s with all the Jimmy Fallon performing as Neil Young for? I think it’s an obvious hint that the real Neil Young himself will go on the show to sing with Jimmy Fallon. It’s gonna happen at some point, just give it time, folks.

Jimmy Fallon “Late Night” has been on NBC for a long while now. He’s been having so many legendary acts perform on the show everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Megadeth. The real Neil Young haven’t performed on Jimmy Fallon yet. It’s coming, I’m sure.

See the video, here.