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Cool Video: Phish performs the Rolling Stones hit, “Loving Cup” on Jimmy Fallon last night…

Phish performed on TV for the first time in many years. Here they are performing the Rolling Stones classic, “Loving Cup”  in celebration of the band’s “Exile on Main St.” album. Keith Richards was even there to introduce the band to the stage. How cool is that?

See the great performance here:


Now you see how talented Phish really is when they play live. Phish are amazing live performers, I’ve seen them live in concert at least a couple of times. I love Phish and plan on seeing them again this summer at SPAC hopefully.


Report: Phish to appear on Jimmy Fallon to cover Rolling Stones song…

It’s a rare thing that Phish does TV performances. Why? Because they hardly ever do it. Their last TV performance was way back in 2004. I don’t know what show they appeared on that year but I’m trying to find out by google research, not finding anything.

On May 13th, Phish will be going on Jimmy Fallon, to perform a Rolling Stones cover off their, “Exile on Main Street” album. During Phish’s 3 day Halloween fest in Indio, California. Phish performed “Exile On Main Street” in it’s entirety. Phish will be performing one song off that record on Jimmy Fallon.

Yes, Phish do play covers at their live gigs. They have always been known to do that.

More on it here:


As to which song Phish will play from “Exile on Main St.”, I’m thinking either “Soul Survivor” or “Sweet Virginia”.