Video: The Undertaker makes surprising appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night…

I was watching Jimmy Fallon last night and the Undertaker came out to give the turkey a tombstone piledriver. The tombstone piledriver is the Undertaker’s famous finishing move in WWE. When the Undertaker’s theme started playing and a huge guy started walking out to the stage, I didn’t think it would be really him but it ended up being really him afterall. His real name is Mark Calaway.

I was expecting ‘Taker to give Jimmy the Tombstone piledriver too ’cause that would have been awesome but of course, it didn’t happen. Wouldn’t it be cool if ‘Taker give him the Tombstone piledriver after Jimmy sticking out his hand for ‘Taker to shake? When Undertaker looked Jimmy dead in the eye, I think that was a warning to leave him alone or he will give Jimmy the piledriver too so Jimmy immediately backed off.

Jimmy looked really frightened of the Undertaker, you can tell that he really is afraid of him. I mean who isn’t afraid of the Undertaker?

Undertaker is one of the baddest characters in wrestling and I’m a huge fan myself. Undertaker is a legend for sure.


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