Demi Lovato on Jimmy Fallon from last night…

Last night, I watched Jimmy Fallon ’cause Demi Lovato was gonna be a guest on there. Surprisingly, Demi seems like a sweetheart of a lady and she seems down to earth for sure. She came out to the stage wearing this unique looking dress that exposes cleavage. Yeah, she showed off some boobs last night as you can see in the videos here. You can tell that Jimmy can’t help himself but check out her chest. Why do you think women wear those kind of things that exposes their cleavage? It’s because they love that kind of attention of men checking them out, that’s why.

Whether you like Demi’s music or not, you can’t deny she’s fuckin’ hot.

When she performed on Jimmy last night, I thought she was entertaining as hell for sure. Yeah she was lip syncing no doubt but her act was enjoyable. I would like to see her live on stage myself but her tour with Nick Jonas isn’t coming anywhere around the Albany area sadly. Oh well.

I’m a pretty big fan of Demi. She looks like a porn star but at least she’s better to look at than Miley… way better than Miley.


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