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Demi Lovato on Jimmy Fallon from last night…

Last night, I watched Jimmy Fallon ’cause Demi Lovato was gonna be a guest on there. Surprisingly, Demi seems like a sweetheart of a lady and she seems down to earth for sure. She came out to the stage wearing this unique looking dress that exposes cleavage. Yeah, she showed off some boobs last night as you can see in the videos here. You can tell that Jimmy can’t help himself but check out her chest. Why do you think women wear those kind of things that exposes their cleavage? It’s because they love that kind of attention of men checking them out, that’s why.

Whether you like Demi’s music or not, you can’t deny she’s fuckin’ hot.

When she performed on Jimmy last night, I thought she was entertaining as hell for sure. Yeah she was lip syncing no doubt but her act was enjoyable. I would like to see her live on stage myself but her tour with Nick Jonas isn’t coming anywhere around the Albany area sadly. Oh well.

I’m a pretty big fan of Demi. She looks like a porn star but at least she’s better to look at than Miley… way better than Miley.


Demi Lovato’s new album, “Confident” isn’t really all that bad either… probably the best album she did…

Yeah, I know Demi Lovato is mostly famous for starring in the “Camp Rock” movies which was how she rose to fame but I’ve got to hear all of her albums and quite enjoyed them all. Her music is actually pretty enjoyable. A lot of her music can be surprisingly rock n’ roll too especially her first album, “Don’t Forget”. Of course, she changes musical styles over the years so she can fit in the current mainstream of pop music.

Her newest album, “Confident” was probably the best album she did, though. The songs are pretty fun on that one. A lot more rap & hip hop on it.

I never watched any of Demi’s Disney stuff on TV and never saw her show, “Sonny With a Chance”… I just wanted to hear her music so I did. Her music really isn’t all that bad but “Confident” was her best album, in my opinion. I dig her voice and her songs are pretty catchy. At first I thought she was just some Disney star and just some pop star trying to get some attention but her music was surprisingly enjoyable actually. If you give her a chance, you might actually like her stuff too. I’ll probably never watch her shows but I’ll probably read her book “Staying Strong”, though. Give Demi a chance and you’ll see that she’s a talented music artist… plus, she’s a really gorgeous and hot girl for sure.

She may have had a past addiction with drugs & alcohol but seeing how she’s all better now and cleaned herself up that was good enough for me to get my respect for her so I started supporting her by listening to her music. Her bettering her life was inspirational and good stuff… hope she stays this way.


Video: The new song by Demi Lovato isn’t that bad, the video is kind of cool too!

I’m kind of digging the new Demi Lovato song, “Confident”. Not so bad at all really. The video is kind of cool too. As you can see, Michelle Rodriguez appears in the video. After all this talk of Demi Lovato, I figure I’d start listening to her music to see what the fuss is all about and her tunes aren’t that bad really.

I’m thinking about giving her albums a listen on Apple Music streaming.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of sad and disappointing that pop music is still dominating the industry but hey, there’s nothing you can do about it. The industry rams pop music down our throats ’cause they are giving out whatever kids wanna hear these days. Pop music makes the industry the big money so pop music isn’t going away anytime soon. So get used to it. I am getting used to pop music and have been listening to it more myself admittedly.

I’ll listen to all kinds of pop music except for Phantogram, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Not into those artists anymore. Pop music really isn’t all that bad.


Demi Lovato’s make-up free nude pics, thoughts..

I don’t respond to these things this much but I gotta say these are beautiful pics. Demi Lovato is definitely way better to look at than Caitlyn Jenner and those freakin’ Kardashians.

Even though there’s no makeup on Demi Lovato, I’m sure there’s still a lot of airbrushing though but these are gorgeous pics, I must say. I couldn’t resist checking them out and responding my thoughts on it. I’m not a fan of Demi’s music at all but I think she’s a gorgeous girl, though.