Maybe internet love can be possible and can work after all…

There’s a myth going on out there that internet love doesn’t work. People say it’s phony. Well don’t listen to any of them ’cause what they say is all “phony”. “Internet relationships” can be possible after all.

Read this story, this married couple met through a blog in a comment section on ESPN. This guy started chatting with this hot girl on an internet blog and she was drop dead gorgeous and beautiful. She’s a perfect 10 brunette too.

So yeah, I really shouldn’t listen to those “critics” out there saying that internet relationships don’t work ’cause they can.

Ya know, just be careful how you do it and do it responsibly, you should be fine. Watch out for the fake dating profiles and watch out for “scammers” and all that stuff. I can tell what’s real and what’s not. People who try internet dating are immediately looked at as “losers” which is unfair, in my opinion. Looking for the right partner online is the same way as looking for the right one in the real world. Maybe I shouldn’t ignore “internet dating” completely and give it a go.

Honestly, there’s a girl I’m kind of crazy about and had a bit of a crush on for years on the internet. She’s from out of country, though and won’t say where. She’s currently taken right now and seeing someone else but I’ll still take her as one of my best friends, though. She’s been an online buddy of mine for the past several years.

Yeah, it’s definitely possible to be in love with somebody on the internet. Don’t listen to the doubters ’cause they’re full of it. It’s completely okay to love somebody online you’ve never met yet as well. Whether it’s online or in person, it’s all good. Love is love that’s all there is to it.

There are plenty of married couples who have met online.

More and more people seem to be hooking up together just by meeting online anyways. It’s a big thing these days. Why? For the most part, people hate the bar & club scene so they feel interent is the best way to go if they want to find someone right for them, ya know? Too many has been using facebook to hook up these days. Everybody’s been doing it in this day and age of technology.

Like I said before, I’ve had too many strange women from out of town, out of state and out of country trying to pursue relationships with me through facebook. They weren’t scammers, they were 100% real.

Internet love can be possible, maybe I should keep at it.


2 thoughts on “Maybe internet love can be possible and can work after all…”

  1. Nobody has a bad opinion of it anymore. I’ve met plenty of awesome girls online, most of which at least resulted in long lasting friendships.

    1. Yeah, I agree.

      To be honest… I’m friends with a lot of girls online that I keep in touch with all the time too. Some of those girls are local in Greenwich, a few around Albany and a few out of country. Girls that I keep in touch with in facebook, twitter, etc.

      There’s another myth going on out there that there’s no possible way you could be friends with girls that you haven’t met in person yet and they claim she’s not your friend ’cause you barely know her. Bullshit if you ask me. As long as you’re keeping in touch with her online all the time and getting to know each other, she’s your friend no matter what you think of it.

      If she’s becoming an open book to you, revealing all kinds of private information about herself… it’s a pretty good indication that she’s interested in you for sure. If she’s replying to you right away and all that stuff, it’s a sign that she’s welcoming you in her life. There are some girls I talk to online privately on a regular basis and I would like to start meeting some of them in person, hopefully… maybe even becoming more than just friends with one of them if I’m lucky enough.


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