Sarah Palin predicted during the 2008 elections Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama’s elected… turns out she was right!!!

Just more reasons to love Sarah Palin and why she should be the one who should be our first female president.

A few years back, Palin was the first to call on it that Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected but she was laughed at and got a lot of flak for it. What she said, actually happened.

More on it, here.

America should listen to this woman more ’cause she tells it like it is every time. I still support Sarah. I’ve been following her since the 2008 elections and still AM a fan/supporter of her. I have no regrets or guilt supporting her. Don’t like it? Fuck off. I support who I want.

The Ukraine violence is getting really bad too. I haven’t been following the Ukraine protests too much but it does sound like a bit fishy.


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