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Don’t kid yourselves, Obama has a good case for impeachment…

I know nobody wants to listen to Sarah Palin since she tells the truth but she explains how impeachment works in her latest write-up.

She’s so right that “high crimes and misdemeanors” doesn’t necessarily mean that an impeachable offense have to be something criminal and serious. I know many will accuse her of being full of shit and will call her delusional and stuff but I agree with everything she wrote here.


Obama has a very good case to be impeached for. Everything Obama have done is worthy of being impeached especially the border crisis going on right now.

I’m leaving the comments closed in this one post ’cause I know all you ignorant jackasses are gonna do is attack Sarah Palin like spoiled little brats. Which makes you a bunch of hypocrites when you complain about my hate for Barack. Don’t like people hating on your precious Obama??? Well, you look like hypocrites hating on Sarah Palin. I really mean that too.



Obama can absolutely be impeached for his lawlessness, Congress just doesn’t want to do it…

Like always the impeachment process is always a debatable topic. Lots of speculation and opinion about the way it’s done. Doing a little research, I took a look at Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment which you can find, here

There were a lot of claims that in order to get impeached there needs to be hard evidence and absolute proof. Take a look at all of Nixon’s charges in the link above. Does all that stuff pretty much match what Obama is doing? You can absolutely compare Nixon’s lawlessness to Obama’s. Everything in Nixon’s charges is similar to Obama’s crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the NDAA, the U.S. having no border and allowing illegals to enter our country, etc. There are even charges of lying and obstruction of justice, that’s all Obama too. Executive orders are also on there.

Watch the video below for further proof of what I mean. Alex Jones of InfoWars breaks it down perfectly.

I’m believing that Congress is totally protecting Obama. Not just democrats, republicans too. Which is why I’m starting to get pissed off at both parties. I’m considering going independent or libertarian. Not sure.



Coming to a grocery store near you…

LOL! A little humor. Thanks to Mad Magazine for the funny political meme. That definitely sends a good message.

On a serious note, an impeachment really needs to happen, though. If you seriously think he has done nothing impeachable, then you’re delusional and need to get your head checked. You see, an impeachable offense is not always about getting caught with doing something horrible and very dangerous like many mistakenly believe. An impeachable offense can even be something really small. Yes, Obama have done PLENTY of impeachable offenses it’s just that Congress haven’t done anything to get the impeachment hearings rolling yet.

I’m praying it will soon. Give it time. Things like Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare and that illegal prisoner trade-in should be good enough to bring him down.

Some believe that the reason Congress haven’t done anything to him yet ’cause many are afraid of getting accused of being racist. Maybe part of that’s true but black people should be held accountable when they commit crimes and break laws. It may be pretty risky to get him held accountable ’cause of the color of his skin but his skin color shouldn’t matter. The law should be enforced on him like the law is enforced on the rest of us. Black people should be treated no differently than us. If I was Speaker of The House, I’d get the impeachment hearings rolling immediately… I wouldn’t give a fuck if people called me racist. Black people shouldn’t have the privilege to commit crimes and get away with it. They should be treated the same way legally as the whites.

People think nothing will happen to Barack… they think he’ll serve his second term as President in full but I disagree. I think there is a big chance that an impeachment maybe happening. If Barack serves both of his terms in full, then he successfully got away with his crimes. You just let him win and he’ll declare himself victorious. If that happens… then what kind of legal system do we have???

There was a rumor that Barack came this close to getting arrested for treason last year and that’s how the Navy Shipyard shooting happened. The Navy Shipyard shooting was in retaliation for that. Look it up.

I don’t care what anyone says or thinks… Barack needs to be held accountable and he needs to be investigated. Even if you think he wasn’t responsible for his crimes, he still needs to be investigated.




Could the Bergdhal illegal prisoner trade-in finally get Obama impeached??? That’s what everyone is saying now…..

The calling for the impeachment of Obama is going crazy right now. My facebook newsfeed has been full of “impeach obama” from various political facebook pages like this one for example. Allen West put up a post urging the House to file the articles of impeachment and get it rolling. I heard that Walter Jones is investigating Obama about this too. More and more people in my facebook newsfeed has been mad about Obama about the illegal prisoner trade-in.

My question is why are people very sloooooooowwwwww learners on how bad Obama is? Like I said before, it didn’t take me long to figure him out. Back in the 2008 elections, I had a feeling that this guy is gonna be bad news and I was right.

I would prefer Obama getting impeached over Benghazi, Operation: F&F, NSA, IRS, etc. but if this illegal trade-in would do it, that would do too, I guess.

We just gotta get rid of this douchebag son of a bitch. You guys don’t see what he’s doing to America at all. It was bad for Obama to release those 5 terrorists and it was bad to get Bergdhal freed. Obama is a Muslim and terrorist supporter. That’s why he did it. Period. End of story.


Maybe Rush Limbaugh has a point but…

… I’d still say “never say never” on President Obama impeachment. It still can be possible.

Many republicans/conservatives are begging for impeachment but Rush Limbaugh, the controversial radio host is urging them to back off and saying “dream on” to them. Rush says there’s no political will in impeaching the first black president. I think he means that there isn’t enough people willing to do something that risky. Rush hates President Obama just as much as everyone else — he even agrees that Obama is destroying the health care system and messing up America but he doesn’t think an impeachment is gonna happen.


Maybe he’s right but then again, “never say never”. There’s still time left.

Even if Barack is proven to be responsible for Benghazi… I’m sure he’ll just get a small charge and nothing major. He probably won’t get impeachment and jail. Maybe he’ll just get a large fine and that’s about all.

This is why Obama thinks he can do what he wants as President ’cause he knew America wouldn’t have the guts to impeach the first black president. So he can ignore laws, rewrite them, kill people and commit all kinds of crimes and get away with everything successfully. Even though a lot of us know he is a bad man there will still be ignorant people who will think he is innocent and does nothing wrong. People have no problem blaming George W. Bush on 9/11/01 but when you blame Obama on things like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, drones, etc. — that’s offensive to some people. When you call Obama out on a lot of stuff the left will think you’re just a crazy conspiracy theory nut and people will think you’re just attacking him out of pure hate. When Sarah Palin was being called hateful things by Martin Bashir, the left didn’t care and thought it was okay.

It’s amazing how it’s okay to hate other politicians/government officials all you want to but when it comes to hating President Obama… people think it’s wrong. You would either get called a racist or a conspiracy theory nut even if you think you’re telling the truth and the facts are out there. That’s how much power Obama has. He has the power to get away with everything ’cause of the color of skin and his defenders/supporters are allowing him to get away with stuff. I never really attacked Obama over the years. All I did was tell the truth of how bad he is like everyone else was doing.

We still don’t have enough people waking up about him. Only the right-wingers know he is bad. The left???? *pukes* I think the left are slow learners while the right are quick at picking things up. The left will always think there is nothing wrong with Obama no matter what is said about him. Even if the left will agree that our homeland is in bad shape… like I said in a post before, they don’t wanna blame Obama. They usually blame everything on GOP and think we’re the badguys. They think the right destroyed America and not Obama. They also want to blame everything on Bush.

Just wait until we get our first woman president. When we get our first woman president, it’ll be the same thing all over again. No matter how bad of a leader she is, she won’t get impeached ’cause there isn’t enough “political will”. When people start hating her, they’ll get called “sexists” and all that stuff.

I still think there’s a “slight” chance of an Obama impeachment. I’d say ignore Rush and don’t lose, “hope”. It can be possible if we’re lucky enough to get our Republican Senate back.




Why Barack Obama hasn’t been impeached yet as president…

There have been an interesting discussion debate in facebook on why Barack Obama haven’t been impeached yet for all the unconstitutional things and crimes he committed over the years during his presidency. Everybody knows that Barack has done plenty of impeachable offenses. So why haven’t this man been punished for his actions? Well, a lot of people think that the reason is… Democrats will stick by his side no matter what happens and Republicans are afraid to do something ’cause they’re worried about being called racist if they filed articles of impeachment. If Barack have been impeached then this could lead to Washington D.C. rioting/protesting from Obama supporters and there could be another media race war. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will come to the rescue for sure. I somewhat agree with that. Republicans in Congress hate Barack Obama just as much as the rest of us ’cause they’re just scared of being called racist by everybody. Impeaching Barack Obama who is our first black president would be pretty risky.

Could impeaching him start a media race war? I don’t know. From what I understand most of the black community can’t stand Barack Obama just like the rest of us. So maybe things will be fine w/ the black community when Barack’s impeached; however, liberals will not be happy. Liberals whether they’re black/white will blame those evil conservatives.

The US Constitution have been written for a reason. The purpose of the Constitution by the founders was to help protect us from corrupt people like Barack Obama. In other words, the US Constitution is here to protect us from government tyranny and dictatorship. There are three government branches for a reason: the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial to help keep government powers separate from each other. Love Barack or hate him, it’s undeniable that our US Constitution is in serious danger and is under a threat by this man.

Barack is shredding our Constitution to pieces. He’s ignoring laws and thinking he can do what he wants with them. It’s a crime to do what he wants without congressional authority. He kills innocent people and feels no remorse for any of it. He will never admit to his illegal actions no matter the situation. All he does is lie his head off and defends himself. It’s amazing to me that after all these illegal things he has done, he has never been held accountable for anything.

His presidency is almost over, and he may just as well finish his second term and get away with everything.

Barack SHOULD be held accountable. His skin color shouldn’t matter. It maybe pretty risky to impeach this man but whatever it takes to save the United States of America. Our homeland.

If Barack finishes his second term and gets away with all of his crimes… what will that make the US and the Constitution look like? That’s gonna make us look real bad. If that happens, there won’t be a president who will be any better. We WILL get MUCH worse presidents up ahead. Future presidents are going to look at what Barack have done. We WILL get a lot more tyrannical presidents and dictators up ahead if we don’t fix out government and the US Constitution. We can’t have others much like Barack in the future.

We need a good president who believes in this country and can make us strong and powerful again be it, either democrat/republican.

It doesn’t matter how much time Barack has left in his second term. He maybe almost done but he STILL should be held accountable for his crimes whether it’ll be for Benghazi, Operation: F&F, NSA spying, Obamacare, IRS, etc. You can now throw in the Crimea crisis in the list of his impeachable offenses.

Benghazi should be good enough to take him down. If he’s found guilty of murder through Benghazi, should be good enough. I think there’s a good chance that everyone will wake up about Barack once the truth comes out of Benghazi. Whenever there’s evidence and proof that Barack was behind the Benghazi attacks, I think democrats/liberals will wake up then. Good things will come out of this, trust me.

I think it’ll be hard to impeach Barack but I think there’s a good chance of that happening. No president have been impeached in the past before although: Nixon and Clinton have came close to it but there can always be a first time.

Something really needs to be done about, Barack, guys. If you think there is nothing wrong with him, what planet are you living on?


About why past Presidents haven’t been arrested for past crimes…

When discussing President Obama’s actions in the office… a lot of people mistakenly believe nothing will happen to him simply because nothing happened to past presidents. Yes. Past presidents definitely have done some pretty evil stuff while in the oval office… that includes George Dubya. None of ’em have been arrested for killing people and starting war crimes without Congress’s authority. Why is this you ask? Simply because the Constitution protects the president from being arrested. The only way to get the president in trouble is that they must get impeached, tried for treason, and then they can get an arrest after. So a President can get arrested — they need to get removed from office first.

This is exactly how so many Presidents over the years think they can get away with doing so much bad stuff ’cause the Constitution protects them from getting arrested.  The reason George Dubya didn’t get impeached even though they tried a few times is ’cause much like Obama… Dubya is a liar and he covered up most of his crimes.

Richard Nixon came this close to getting the impeachment but he resigned right before the charges were brought up in the House. Why did he do that? Simply to avoid an arrest… that’s why. I think Barack would do the same when too much information gets out there out of Benghazi.

The thing you have to ask yourself is… if George Dubya was found guilty of any of his past crimes during his president reign… can he get arrested and thrown in prison now? Absolutely!

No matter what you think of Obama… we’re gonna get him for Benghazi. Obama tried his best to cover up the Benghazi attacks but so far he isn’t doing a good job. Some information is already starting to come out. They just need to get proven in Congress. Benghazi is a pretty serious tragedy and those 4 Americans deserve their justices.

The whole Obama administration needs to go. Like I said before… Hillary, Biden, Holder, Rice, etc. Get rid of all of those murdering scum bags. They all deserve harsh punishment. Hope all that is coming for them soon.