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Is it possible to arrest a sitting president??? Yes, it’s absolutely possible, don’t listen to the doubters out there…

I usually bring up the President can be arrested on my blog quite often and you guys try your best to debunk this… claiming it’s impossible that a sitting president can be arrested but yes… it is possible that a president can be arrested. Forget all the silly myths and lies out there saying that he can’t. There are silly myths out there that he must be impeached first in order to get arrested which is a bunch of bullshit.

It can be 100% possible that the US government can arrest Barrack Hussein Obama. How? Well duh… the Sergeant at Arms is the only guy who have the power to arrest the President. Straight from the Senate website:

“As the Senate’s chief law enforcement officer, the SAA supervises the Senate wing of the Capitol, maintaining security in the Capitol and in all the Senate buildings, and controlling access to the Senate Chamber and galleries through a team of doorkeepers. The SAA also protects the senators and can arrest and detain any person violating Senate rules. On the orders of the Senate, the SAA is the only person who can arrest the president of the United States. Additionally, the SAA can compel senators to come to the Senate Chamber to establish a quorum.

As a member of the Capitol Police Board, the SAA also helps to oversee the operations of the United States Capitol Police. Alternating with the House sergeant at arms, the Senate SAA serves as chairman of the Capitol Police Board every other year.”


Try to debunk that one fellas.

It’s absolutely possible that Obama could get arrested over the illegal Bergdhal trade-in ’cause that would be against the Senate rules — doing something like that without Senate authority would be worthy of an arrest. Same with Benghazi. If Obama didn’t send military help to save lives in Benghazi and was involved in a gun running operation… that would be worthy of arrest. Obama would get in trouble by not talking with Congress about his actions in Benghazi.

On top of all that, Obama haven’t been faithful to the Constitution over the last several years so all that stuff is worthy of an arrest. He took the oath when he got elected.

I think you lunatics knew that the SAA has the power to get Obama arrested. You were just being very ignorant and you just didn’t want to see your precious Obama get in trouble.

The SAA can have law enforcement go to the White House and take Obama away anytime. Benghazi and the Bergdhal trade-in should be good enough. Wait for it.



After Sgt. Bergdhal release and Boko Haram… Benghazi will probably end up turning out to be a prisoner trade-in too…

Hmmmmmmm, notice all the similarities here with Sgt. Bergdhal and the Boko Haram/Nigerian girls controversies. Both of them have something to do with a prisoner trade-in. I think I am noticing a bit of a pattern here. The Obama administration are obsessed with illegal prisoner trade-ins all of a sudden. I know that the Boko Haram group doesn’t wanna trade for US people but still though, the Obama administration are totally involved in the Boko Harem kidnapping of the Nigerian girls.

Benghazi will probably end up turning out to be the same. It’ll turn out to be a failed kidnapping attempt of Ambassador Stevens and they were gonna trade him for the Blind Sheik like they were all saying.

Ya see, this is what Obama wants to do with America. He wants to release all violent criminals and terrorists which is just part of his plan of destroying America. Releasing thousands of illegal immigrants and Obama is probably gonna make them join the military. Obama supports violent and evil people. He supports other people who hates America like him. That’s why he released Sgt. Bergdhal ’cause he is anti-America.

Dinesh D’ Souza makes up a good point that Obama’s goal with America is that he wants to bring this country down before 2016 and Obama is already on the move. He’s quickly heading that direction. He’s intentionally destroying the economy, he’s intentionally destroying the health care system, he’s killing people left & right, breaking laws, being unfaithful to the Constitution, committing war crimes and so on and so forth. You get the deal.

If America isn’t destroyed before 2016, then Obama will try to do that with the next President in office and that may as well be Hillary Clinton. She hates America too and she’s helping him try to bring us down.

If something doesn’t get done about Obama, then there could be no America up ahead. All of us could be dead and I think that’s what Dinesh’s next movie, “America” is gonna be about which is what I’m looking forward to seeing.

I know it’s hard for some to believe that Obama wants to destroy this country but soon you’ll see. You’ve should have already seen it years ago. We really need to do something about him. I really hate how people get obsessed with defending or pretend that there is nothing wrong with him. The left knows that he is an evil piece of garbage, they’re just not being honest about it. Siding with your party on everything is like supporting your family members on everything. Nobody believes in honesty anymore.


Could the Bergdhal illegal prisoner trade-in finally get Obama impeached??? That’s what everyone is saying now…..

The calling for the impeachment of Obama is going crazy right now. My facebook newsfeed has been full of “impeach obama” from various political facebook pages like this one for example. Allen West put up a post urging the House to file the articles of impeachment and get it rolling. I heard that Walter Jones is investigating Obama about this too. More and more people in my facebook newsfeed has been mad about Obama about the illegal prisoner trade-in.

My question is why are people very sloooooooowwwwww learners on how bad Obama is? Like I said before, it didn’t take me long to figure him out. Back in the 2008 elections, I had a feeling that this guy is gonna be bad news and I was right.

I would prefer Obama getting impeached over Benghazi, Operation: F&F, NSA, IRS, etc. but if this illegal trade-in would do it, that would do too, I guess.

We just gotta get rid of this douchebag son of a bitch. You guys don’t see what he’s doing to America at all. It was bad for Obama to release those 5 terrorists and it was bad to get Bergdhal freed. Obama is a Muslim and terrorist supporter. That’s why he did it. Period. End of story.


The Bergdahl’s just might be a Muslim terrorist loving family… no wonder Obama supports the hell out of them!!!

Allen West brings up a good point that I missed about Bob Bergdhal’s speech at the White House. When Bob starts the speech he says a few words that weren’t in English. They were in Arabic language and what Bob said in Arabic were the opening lines of the Qur’an. It’s no surprise that the Bergdhal’s might be Muslim ’cause look at Bob… big bushy beard… he kind of looks like a terrorist. When Bob says those words in Arabic, watch Obama very closely and you can see him smiling as he hears Bob says those words as if Obama knew exactly what he was talking about.

Here’s another big sign that Obama might be Muslim, y’all.

Muslim’s claim to be a peaceful religion but I’m not buying into it after what they did to 9/11/01, Benghazi and they were responsible for many other acts of violence around the world. I don’t trust Muslims. They are very scary and violent people. They are a huge problem in the world and something must be done to all of them. Islam is an evil religion. They do indeed want to take over the USA and they’ll do whatever it takes.


Obama, “The United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind”…

At about 0:47 in this ridiculous speech Obama clearly said, “The United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind”…

That is obviously another huge lie.

Say that to the victims of the Benghazi 4 and their families. Say that to Brian Terry who was the Operation: F&F victim, he was in uniform. What about the U.S. Boeing CH-47 that was shot down killed 38 military people on board. Also, Obama lost more troops in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars… more troops than Bush ever lost. What about those Navy Seals killed during the so-called Bin Laden raid if there ever was one??? What about Navy Seal, Chris Kyle???

What about the jailed Marine in Mexico that he keeps ignoring??? Kind of funny how Obama would ignore Tahmooressi, yet he releases an AWOL traitor like Sgt. Bergdhal.

Obama… full of shit like usual.