The Bergdahl’s just might be a Muslim terrorist loving family… no wonder Obama supports the hell out of them!!!

Allen West brings up a good point that I missed about Bob Bergdhal’s speech at the White House. When Bob starts the speech he says a few words that weren’t in English. They were in Arabic language and what Bob said in Arabic were the opening lines of the Qur’an. It’s no surprise that the Bergdhal’s might be Muslim ’cause look at Bob… big bushy beard… he kind of looks like a terrorist. When Bob says those words in Arabic, watch Obama very closely and you can see him smiling as he hears Bob says those words as if Obama knew exactly what he was talking about.

Here’s another big sign that Obama might be Muslim, y’all.

Muslim’s claim to be a peaceful religion but I’m not buying into it after what they did to 9/11/01, Benghazi and they were responsible for many other acts of violence around the world. I don’t trust Muslims. They are very scary and violent people. They are a huge problem in the world and something must be done to all of them. Islam is an evil religion. They do indeed want to take over the USA and they’ll do whatever it takes.


17 thoughts on “The Bergdahl’s just might be a Muslim terrorist loving family… no wonder Obama supports the hell out of them!!!”

    1. The guy with the big bushy beard? Well that’s Bob Bergdhal, the father of the war prisoner that Obama illegally released for a trade in of 5 terrorists. This was nothing but part of Obama’s illegal executive orders. Remember, Obama has his pen and his phone. If Congress won’t act, he will.


  1. Isn’t it good news that another soldier got to come home to his family? I don’t know the details of this whole thing.

    1. Haven’t you been paying attention? Sgt. Bergdhal is a deserter and traitor. An AWOL soldier who left the military on his own behalf. This is a treasonous and impeachable offense to trade him in for 5 terrorists. It’s bad to get this Bergdhal fella out. You just never know how dangerous this guy may be. Sgt. Bergdhal have said some hateful things about America in the past before.

      It’s good that a solider comes home to his family but this is the wrong one to get freed.

      America prefers that Marine jailed in Mexico to be freed instead and that’s a better idea.


      1. The only reason that Obama did this ’cause it has something to do with him ousting a CIA operative by accident. That’s what everyone is saying.

        I wish you guys would quit defending the Obama administration on everything ’cause it’s really giving me a headache.


      2. Even other war vets say that Bergdhal is a deserter and traitor. Wake up and open your eyes more.


    2. The whole thing seems fishy to me too. None of us have all the facts, but it certainly seems he deserted.

      1. Incidentally, the negotiations were originally intended to also bring Taliban officials back into the fold to help broker some stability in Afghanistan, but they reneged. There’s much more to it than a simple prisoner exchange

      2. The US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists as this administration claimed in the past and they just did. I don’t see how you or anyone on the left can trust this lousy administration. Fucking bullshit. Everything.


  2. @ Craig, it’s always good when we can bring a serviceman home alive, but from everything I’ve see, this guy was a deserter.

    STILL, he deserves to be brought home.

    The issue I have with this whole thing is giving up five HIGH LEVEL operatives. Obammy let the Taliban themselves dictate which 5 they wanted. It goes w/o saying they aren’t going to ask for the bottom dwellers or grunts. These guys were cream of the crop.

    In the grand scheme of things, one American life was saved, but really…down the road, how many innocents are going to be lost when this Top 5 of Who’s Who in terrorism get back up to speed?

    1. What you guys can’t seem to understand that this was part of Obama’s illegal executive orders. He’s got his pen and his phone, remember? If Congress don’t act, he will.

      Bergdhal doesn’t deserve it if he’s a traitor to this country. The jailed Marine in Mexico deserves to get freed more than this Bergdahl guy.


  3. Well, the Marine unwittingly broke the law. Unfortunately, there’s a relationship with Mexico and everyone has to play nice….your comparing apples to oranges.

    1. That’s a liberal thought. The Marine is innocent. He crossed the border with guns by accident.

      How do you know if this Bergdhal fella didn’t break the law? It’s illegal to leave the military without permission.


      1. You’re not a real patriot like you claim, you just have to defend Obama on everything like always. Get a life.


      2. It may have been illegal to cross the border with guns but he deserves to get freed by how he’s getting treated in Mexico jail. He’s being abused. Getting stripped naked and chained to a wall and stuff. Possibly getting beaten, tortured, etc. That’s part of why Americans want him freed.


      3. Yes, I know it is illegal to leave the military without permission – I was actually IN the military, so I’m familiar with the UCMJ.

        If you read what I said, I never disagreed that there were issues with the Bergdahl situation, but you can’t compare it to the other case. They aren’t the same at all.

      4. I’ll stand by what I say. The Marine deserves to get freed more than that other deserter and traitor.


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