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The Bergdahl’s just might be a Muslim terrorist loving family… no wonder Obama supports the hell out of them!!!

Allen West brings up a good point that I missed about Bob Bergdhal’s speech at the White House. When Bob starts the speech he says a few words that weren’t in English. They were in Arabic language and what Bob said in Arabic were the opening lines of the Qur’an. It’s no surprise that the Bergdhal’s might be Muslim ’cause look at Bob… big bushy beard… he kind of looks like a terrorist. When Bob says those words in Arabic, watch Obama very closely and you can see him smiling as he hears Bob says those words as if Obama knew exactly what he was talking about.

Here’s another big sign that Obama might be Muslim, y’all.

Muslim’s claim to be a peaceful religion but I’m not buying into it after what they did to 9/11/01, Benghazi and they were responsible for many other acts of violence around the world. I don’t trust Muslims. They are very scary and violent people. They are a huge problem in the world and something must be done to all of them. Islam is an evil religion. They do indeed want to take over the USA and they’ll do whatever it takes.