Why Barack Obama hasn’t been impeached yet as president…

There have been an interesting discussion debate in facebook on why Barack Obama haven’t been impeached yet for all the unconstitutional things and crimes he committed over the years during his presidency. Everybody knows that Barack has done plenty of impeachable offenses. So why haven’t this man been punished for his actions? Well, a lot of people think that the reason is… Democrats will stick by his side no matter what happens and Republicans are afraid to do something ’cause they’re worried about being called racist if they filed articles of impeachment. If Barack have been impeached then this could lead to Washington D.C. rioting/protesting from Obama supporters and there could be another media race war. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will come to the rescue for sure. I somewhat agree with that. Republicans in Congress hate Barack Obama just as much as the rest of us ’cause they’re just scared of being called racist by everybody. Impeaching Barack Obama who is our first black president would be pretty risky.

Could impeaching him start a media race war? I don’t know. From what I understand most of the black community can’t stand Barack Obama just like the rest of us. So maybe things will be fine w/ the black community when Barack’s impeached; however, liberals will not be happy. Liberals whether they’re black/white will blame those evil conservatives.

The US Constitution have been written for a reason. The purpose of the Constitution by the founders was to help protect us from corrupt people like Barack Obama. In other words, the US Constitution is here to protect us from government tyranny and dictatorship. There are three government branches for a reason: the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial to help keep government powers separate from each other. Love Barack or hate him, it’s undeniable that our US Constitution is in serious danger and is under a threat by this man.

Barack is shredding our Constitution to pieces. He’s ignoring laws and thinking he can do what he wants with them. It’s a crime to do what he wants without congressional authority. He kills innocent people and feels no remorse for any of it. He will never admit to his illegal actions no matter the situation. All he does is lie his head off and defends himself. It’s amazing to me that after all these illegal things he has done, he has never been held accountable for anything.

His presidency is almost over, and he may just as well finish his second term and get away with everything.

Barack SHOULD be held accountable. His skin color shouldn’t matter. It maybe pretty risky to impeach this man but whatever it takes to save the United States of America. Our homeland.

If Barack finishes his second term and gets away with all of his crimes… what will that make the US and the Constitution look like? That’s gonna make us look real bad. If that happens, there won’t be a president who will be any better. We WILL get MUCH worse presidents up ahead. Future presidents are going to look at what Barack have done. We WILL get a lot more tyrannical presidents and dictators up ahead if we don’t fix out government and the US Constitution. We can’t have others much like Barack in the future.

We need a good president who believes in this country and can make us strong and powerful again be it, either democrat/republican.

It doesn’t matter how much time Barack has left in his second term. He maybe almost done but he STILL should be held accountable for his crimes whether it’ll be for Benghazi, Operation: F&F, NSA spying, Obamacare, IRS, etc. You can now throw in the Crimea crisis in the list of his impeachable offenses.

Benghazi should be good enough to take him down. If he’s found guilty of murder through Benghazi, should be good enough. I think there’s a good chance that everyone will wake up about Barack once the truth comes out of Benghazi. Whenever there’s evidence and proof that Barack was behind the Benghazi attacks, I think democrats/liberals will wake up then. Good things will come out of this, trust me.

I think it’ll be hard to impeach Barack but I think there’s a good chance of that happening. No president have been impeached in the past before although: Nixon and Clinton have came close to it but there can always be a first time.

Something really needs to be done about, Barack, guys. If you think there is nothing wrong with him, what planet are you living on?


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