Cool Video: Watch Rep. Bridenstine call out the Obama administration in this one minute speech…

Rep. Bridenstine is seen here at the House giving a quick speech and going on a little rant about the Obama administrations abusive of power. Some people ask, why is this speech so short? Well, that’s all the Constitution allows in the House. In the House, a Congressman is only allowed to speak for a few minutes while in the Senate you can talk for as long as you want (which is why Senator Rand Paul is allowed to go on that 13 hour filibuster). That’s all you really need to tell the truth is just a couple of minutes or less. Bridenstine did a good job here and he got my respect.

In my facebook page, I’ve been doing my usual rants about how it’s time for an Obama impeachment. I think we can all see that most Republicans/Conservative people are demanding Obama to be impeached but all other registered party members see things differently. They would either see Obama as an innocent man or even though some lefties don’t like Obama either, they would say an Obama impeachment would never happen.

Why does an Obama impeachment have mixed reactions? Because the impeachment doubters like to compare it with past presidents and other politicians. They like to make claims that other presidents has done crimes and did some bad things but they never got impeached, and they think the same will happen to Obama. They think Congress will ignore Obama and let him serve his full term. One thing to keep in mind that “high crimes and misdemeanors” not only means doing something criminal… it really means if you do anything bad politically. Obama has done more than 100 impeachable offenses. Worse than any president in history. He makes past presidents look like darlings.

I don’t know why people think an Obama impeachment will never happen. I think it’s a definite possibility and it was long over-due. I’m predicting it might happen soon. Why? Because a lot of Congressmen and Senators are demanding it to happen. They’re all going after Obama. When an impeachment is considered in the House and if it happens to get passed to the Senate, he’ll be done. An impeach can happen, absolutely. You can’t compare Obama to past presidents as Obama is not Bush, Cheney, Clinton and all those guys. Obama’s power and greed is way above those guys. Even Richard Nixon wouldn’t be able to top him. Obama’s the worst of the worst. He needs to go and it’s time. Not only Obama needs to go down, that includes: Biden, the rest of the administration, Hillary, Susan Rice, etc. What’s even worse that Obama just appointed Susan Rice to be national security adviser. So beware, things will get a lot worse. They could plan more attacks overseas and try to cover themselves up.

It’s insane to me why some people still think he’s innocent or think he’ll never get impeached. You know it’s coming and the sooner, the better it will be for America.


One thought on “Cool Video: Watch Rep. Bridenstine call out the Obama administration in this one minute speech…”

  1. Yes, I do know my shit with government and politics. I do know what an impeachment is. It’s like being formally charged with something, kind of like an indictment. Then you go through the process for possible removal of office and possible criminal/civil punishment. I didn’t just look this up on google, I always knew this ’cause I’ve been doing so much reading and research on government ever since high school, so yeah, I know my stuff. No need to put words in my mouth and no need to act like I don’t know shit.

    Barack O’ needs impeachment and you know it’s coming. All the bad stuff he has done everything from Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, the drones, the deaths of Seals, etc. All that is good enough to be investigated criminally. He deserves prison time too.


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