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Why I believe Hillary and Barack will get busted for Benghazi… it’ll happen trust me on that…

I know how a lot of people believe that Benghazi will never come to a closure and Hillary and Barack will never get busted but trust me on this, I think it’ll happen soon.

Remember now, Hillary was involved in the Watergate scandal under Richard Nixon. Hillary was fired for lying and unethical behavior. She’s no stranger for lying and being unethical ’cause she’s been that way since she was a young girl. She always thought she was above the law for years. She also has some experience in covering evidence and protecting people. Yes, she was involved in the Watergate cover up. She burned the Watergate tapes.


Although, she was involved in the Watergate coverup to protect Nixon that failed and look where that scandal ended up? Nixon got caught and busted. It didn’t end well for him. He resigned immediately to avoid impeachment.

So yeah, Hillary is no stranger to destroying evidence and hiding confidential information ’cause she has done that many times before. She really does think she’s above the law and thinks nothing will happen to her. She always had that same attitude to this day. Each time she is blamed for something, her attitude is like “Oh well” and she’ll let it slide right by.

If Nixon got caught then Hillary and Barack will get caught for Benghazi. Give it time. It’s gonna happen, folks and I believe it will pretty soon. Benghazi maybe long and tough investigation but I think Trey Gowdy will get to the bottom of it successfully. In some way, they’re gonna get caught. If Nixon got caught with Watergate, Barack Obama will get caught with his other scandals as well: IRS targeting, NSA Spying, Obamacare, the VA Scandals, Operation F&F, etc.

Try to remember that crimes don’t stay unsolved forever. The truth always comes out on it’s own, remember that. People aren’t above the law and you can’t get away with everything. Criminals always get caught, it doesn’t matter how long crimes stay unsolved.

I think good things will happen to America pretty soon and Hillary and Barack will finally get caught someday. The sooner, the better, though. They haven’t gotten caught yet ’cause they covered their tracks too damn good. If you can’t see that, then you’re delusional, messed up and I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. Go away.


Sarah Palin calls out the liberal newspaper the Washington Post…

Keep in mind that Richard Nixon was a republican president back in the day. When will the media ever be honest on both political parties??? The media shouldn’t be aggressive at just Republicans/Conservatives, the media needs to be more aggressive on Democrats too ’cause Democrats are no better. Why does the media try to make the Democrat/liberal party look good? Today’s media is full of liberal bias, I can’t stand it. This country doesn’t revolve around liberals and the media is trying to make it look that way.

GO SARAH!!! Telling it like it is like usual! \m/


Obama can absolutely be impeached for his lawlessness, Congress just doesn’t want to do it…

Like always the impeachment process is always a debatable topic. Lots of speculation and opinion about the way it’s done. Doing a little research, I took a look at Richard Nixon’s articles of impeachment which you can find, here

There were a lot of claims that in order to get impeached there needs to be hard evidence and absolute proof. Take a look at all of Nixon’s charges in the link above. Does all that stuff pretty much match what Obama is doing? You can absolutely compare Nixon’s lawlessness to Obama’s. Everything in Nixon’s charges is similar to Obama’s crimes and scandals: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the NDAA, the U.S. having no border and allowing illegals to enter our country, etc. There are even charges of lying and obstruction of justice, that’s all Obama too. Executive orders are also on there.

Watch the video below for further proof of what I mean. Alex Jones of InfoWars breaks it down perfectly.

I’m believing that Congress is totally protecting Obama. Not just democrats, republicans too. Which is why I’m starting to get pissed off at both parties. I’m considering going independent or libertarian. Not sure.



Why people who keep defending Obama don’t deserve to be talking politics…


Yes. There have been past presidents who have done similar crimes and disrespected the Constitution but that still doesn’t make President Obama any better. It doesn’t make him innocent. If a President does bad things in the oval office, he does bad things — you can’t compare him to past Presidents or even George W. Bush. While I’m real tired of people bringing past Presidents into things when it comes to discussing President Obama, I think Richard Nixon is worth it.

You see, Richard Nixon did something similar. He wiretapped and was spying on two different buildings. Nixon was caught bugging political opponents and other people who thought were suspicious. The Nixon watergate scandals put Nixon under fire. Everybody hated him for it. Well, here is Obama today… the IRS targeting, NSA, PRISM, spying on news reporters, and the most recent spying on the European EU. So you have to ask, what does all of this make Richard Nixon look like? President Obama makes Richard Nixon looks innocent. Nixon was going to get impeachment but he resigned right before the hearings even started. What is President Obama still doing now? Yes, that’s right — he’s in the oval office still — playing the innocent victim and accusing heroic people such as Edward Snowden criminals & a traitor of America. Obama promised years ago that there would be no spying and wiretapping on American citizens in 2007, and look what he’s doing now. It’s a good thing Snowden is hiding out in Russia ’cause he doesn’t deserve to be arrested for doing something good for the U.S. He exposed the US of committing a crime.

I think it’s pretty obvious that President Obama still has a lot of supporters. Even people who claim who doesn’t like him — strangely, still seem to defend him. If you claim that you don’t like him and still defend him on everything — I truly believe that you are a closet Obama supporter and you are afraid to admit that you actually like him.

I mean, how can people defend this power hungry piece of garbage? After all the people he has killed especially the US citizens, after all the lies he told us, after disrespecting the Constitution many times, not caring to be transparent about his personal background, etc. People would still defend this man. Like I repeatedly said — it’s those liberals/democrats.  People who are obsessed with the human rights bullshit. Obama is turning out to be a flat-out serial killer — he is making Adolf Hitler look too good. All the facts about President Obama are out there and people just want to say all that stuff is just “speculation” or “conspiracy theory” bullshit. People really are messed up.

It’s not the color of his skin that makes me hate this man so much. It’s his actions in the oval office and the way he’s running our country.  If we had a black president who didn’t commit any crimes, and did a good job in the oval office — I would probably end up liking him but President Obama is not a good president and you know it too. If any President does bad things in the White House — he’s not a good president — period, end of story. Doesn’t matter if it’s George W. Bush, Reagan, Nixon, JFK, Clinton, etc. All of them. Even if there is good evidence that if Obama robs a bank or murders somebody for no reason, people are still gonna defend the man and act like he did nothing wrong. People will think he did it for the country or think he had nothing to do with it. That’s how delusional and messed up people really are.

Like I said before, a lot of republicans/conservative people already know who Obama is and what kind of man he is, we need more people to side with us. It shouldn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat. Either way you should be fighting back at President Obama to help make our country a better nation. You just don’t realize what he’s planning to do to us. We live in our country so we should have every right to take the government very seriously.

If you ignore the bad stuff President Obama has done and continue to call him a good guy, you are traitors of America. You don’t deserve to be talking politics and don’t deserve to vote.  Your voting privileges should be taken away from you. You are siding with a Muslim terrorist. Give it time… once he’s finally exposed for Benghazi and other stuff that should be good enough for everyone in America to turn their backs on him. That’s when everyone will be calling for impeachment — even the liberals/democrats. President Obama should be helping us and making our economy better but he doesn’t. He continues to help the Muslim people and other countries more than us like Africa for example. Those are good enough signs that President Obama hates America and wants to turn us into a Muslim state. People who defend President Obama are just lying and a bunch of evil uneducated snakes as well. Obama supporters are worse than the politicians who work for the government.

Wake up, America. The time will come when you will finally realize that I was right about this man all along… it’ll come. Sooner or later we’re gonna be doing what Egypt and Russia are doing — protesting to get rid of our President.