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Why I believe Hillary and Barack will get busted for Benghazi… it’ll happen trust me on that…

I know how a lot of people believe that Benghazi will never come to a closure and Hillary and Barack will never get busted but trust me on this, I think it’ll happen soon.

Remember now, Hillary was involved in the Watergate scandal under Richard Nixon. Hillary was fired for lying and unethical behavior. She’s no stranger for lying and being unethical ’cause she’s been that way since she was a young girl. She always thought she was above the law for years. She also has some experience in covering evidence and protecting people. Yes, she was involved in the Watergate cover up. She burned the Watergate tapes.


Although, she was involved in the Watergate coverup to protect Nixon that failed and look where that scandal ended up? Nixon got caught and busted. It didn’t end well for him. He resigned immediately to avoid impeachment.

So yeah, Hillary is no stranger to destroying evidence and hiding confidential information ’cause she has done that many times before. She really does think she’s above the law and thinks nothing will happen to her. She always had that same attitude to this day. Each time she is blamed for something, her attitude is like “Oh well” and she’ll let it slide right by.

If Nixon got caught then Hillary and Barack will get caught for Benghazi. Give it time. It’s gonna happen, folks and I believe it will pretty soon. Benghazi maybe long and tough investigation but I think Trey Gowdy will get to the bottom of it successfully. In some way, they’re gonna get caught. If Nixon got caught with Watergate, Barack Obama will get caught with his other scandals as well: IRS targeting, NSA Spying, Obamacare, the VA Scandals, Operation F&F, etc.

Try to remember that crimes don’t stay unsolved forever. The truth always comes out on it’s own, remember that. People aren’t above the law and you can’t get away with everything. Criminals always get caught, it doesn’t matter how long crimes stay unsolved.

I think good things will happen to America pretty soon and Hillary and Barack will finally get caught someday. The sooner, the better, though. They haven’t gotten caught yet ’cause they covered their tracks too damn good. If you can’t see that, then you’re delusional, messed up and I don’t wanna talk to you anymore. Go away.