Trey Gowdy not the hero congressman we all want him to believe???

Right-wingers looked up to Trey Gowdy ’cause we all expected him to take down Obama over Benghazi and his imperial presidency. Turns out that’s not what Trey’s intention is gonna be. Trey seems to be another Republican disagreeing with impeachment much like Speaker Boehner.

For the past couple of months, Trey seemed to be too kind toward Obama. With his Benghazi “Select Committee” investigations, I’ve noticed they haven’t questioned Obama once. Obama was never brought up during the public hearings. Everything about Benghazi so far have been more about Hillary than Obama.

Also when Trey was questioning the Secret Service during the fence jumping incident, he even seemed concerned for Obama’s safety.

So after all of the above, Trey is another slimey Republican protecting Obama???

I just can’t understand why Republicans don’t agree with impeachment. I just think it’s because of a race issue. They don’t wanna risk being called a racist if they impeach their first black president, ya know?

There are some Republicans that agree with impeachment but not enough of ’em. I’m starting to lose respect toward Trey Gowdy myself. Like I said before, even some Republicans are protecting Obama.


10 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy not the hero congressman we all want him to believe???”

  1. Impeachment would assure Hillary would be the next president, time to play nice January marks the day the GOP assumes power, there is little now that can be done.other than be the patient hunter and await the prey.

  2. Yeah, there’s now two possibilities for you to consider: either everyone…literally everyone is protecting Obama, or Benghazi really did happen the way every other investigation showed it did.

  3. Well, hopefully when January comes the Republicans will do what we elected them for… get rid of Obama. I don’t care what anybody says, I predict an Obama impeachment in 2015.


    1. On another note, even if Republicans are successful at getting rid of Obama in 2015, we’ll probably get stuck with Biden taking over as President but even Biden needs to get impeached too. All of the corrupt and criminal Democrats needs to go.


    2. Needs a two thirds majority in the Senate to remove him, though, which the Republicans don’t have. Look at Clinton. He was impeached, but the Senate did jack-all to remove him.

      1. Um, you haven’t paid any attention to the last election now, I would think. Both the House and the Senate will be Republican controlled in January. So yeah, there’s enough for a two thirds vote now. That’s what we voted Republican for so we can have a two thirds vote.


      2. LoL, you guys are the worst political debaters I’ve ever seen. That’s why I’ve been ignoring most of your posts ’cause I don’t care anymore. You debate like delusional leftists who don’t wanna see Obama get impeached.


      3. I know “impeachment” is always a debatable topic but I think it can happen and it will. If nothing else will take Obama down, then amnesty will probably do it. Maybe Obamacare too.

        I didn’t say “most” republicans aren’t for impeachment. I’m pretty sure most of them are… they are just keeping quiet on it for now and keeping it to themselves. Speaker Boehner is in charge of the impeachment proceedings and so far he’s one of the very few disagreeing with impeachment… for now anyway.

        I love how people don’t think impeachment will happen. I just think they secretly don’t wanna see their precious Obama get in trouble and don’t wanna be upfront about it.


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