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Sarah Palin calls out the liberal newspaper the Washington Post…

Keep in mind that Richard Nixon was a republican president back in the day. When will the media ever be honest on both political parties??? The media shouldn’t be aggressive at just Republicans/Conservatives, the media needs to be more aggressive on Democrats too ’cause Democrats are no better. Why does the media try to make the Democrat/liberal party look good? Today’s media is full of liberal bias, I can’t stand it. This country doesn’t revolve around liberals and the media is trying to make it look that way.

GO SARAH!!! Telling it like it is like usual! \m/


Don’t kid yourselves, Obama has a good case for impeachment…

I know nobody wants to listen to Sarah Palin since she tells the truth but she explains how impeachment works in her latest write-up.

She’s so right that “high crimes and misdemeanors” doesn’t necessarily mean that an impeachable offense have to be something criminal and serious. I know many will accuse her of being full of shit and will call her delusional and stuff but I agree with everything she wrote here.


Obama has a very good case to be impeached for. Everything Obama have done is worthy of being impeached especially the border crisis going on right now.

I’m leaving the comments closed in this one post ’cause I know all you ignorant jackasses are gonna do is attack Sarah Palin like spoiled little brats. Which makes you a bunch of hypocrites when you complain about my hate for Barack. Don’t like people hating on your precious Obama??? Well, you look like hypocrites hating on Sarah Palin. I really mean that too.



Sarah Palin, “Impeach Obama” video response….

Same speech as the Breitbart article she wrote but still good! She sounds serious about it. I love how she says the right and the left should unite on this but you know that will never happen. The left will never wake up and join us. The left will always be this blind and deluded.

Yes, many are gonna attack Sarah for her calls on “Impeach Obama” but whatever it takes to get Congress going on the articles of impeachment. Any politician or government official who calls for “Obama Impeachment” will always get attacked ’cause many will be offended and won’t like it.

Seriously, people… they don’t call for “Obama Impeachment” for nothing. Get over yourselves. Why is it that some people don’t wanna see Obama get impeached? Why is it that some don’t wanna see Obama take some responsibility for his own actions? Wake up, America.

As long as Sarah is calling for impeachment, I think more will follow. More will call for impeachment after her.

She’s so right that Obama did many impeachable offenses other than the Bergdahl trade in and Illegal Immigration. She’s also referring to stuff like Benghazi, Operation F&F, NSA, IRS, Obamacare, etc.

I think she’ll be successful at getting rid of our president. It needs to happen. It’s time to get rid of this dictator and fraud.


Ouch!!! Sarah Palin finally calls for Obama impeachment!!!

Sarah Palin have been onto Obama’s ass since 2008 but she’s been pretty tight-lipped about impeachment until now. She currently doesn’t work for anything in US government as of this time but what’s amazing about this woman is that she’s great at getting her points across and getting people to listen. Even if it’s something liberals hate, she can draw people’s attention.

I respect Sarah ’cause she’s so much like me in a lot of ways. She’s another one who is not afraid to tell it like it is even if no one wants to hear it.

If America needed our first woman president, I’d prefer Sarah over Hillary or Elizabeth Warren. Sarah would get my vote if she decides to run in 2016.

Obama is getting really scary. After the Bergdhal trade in and the Immigration Reform stuff, you should be afraid of him.


Sarah Palin calls Vladimir Putin on “The Tonight Show” w/ Jimmy Fallon…

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you have to admit that this segment on Jimmy Fallon last night was pretty funny as hell. Jimmy Fallon maybe a democrat/left-winger kind of guy but this shows he supports “right-wingers” and their opinions. He doesn’t mind right-winger politicians appearing on his show.

Finally, Jimmy does something good for once! I liked this. Sarah did a good job. She can do comedy pretty well.



My top 6 favorite CPAC 2014 speeches (in order)…

All morning on this Sunday, I spent some time listening to more CPAC speeches. I think I’m done listening to CPAC speeches, and I wanted to point out my 6 favorite ones that are worth listening to. I listened to quite a lot of speeches over the weekend and here are the 6 best speeches in order:

  1. Rand Paul – I’ve had my eye on Rand Paul ever since his 13 hour filibuster from last year. Since then, I’ve always believed that this guy is going to be our next president in 2016 and I still feel that way about him. His speech at CPAC was pretty powerful. Talking about the government spying, wiretapping of phones, imprisonment without trial, and other issues. Rand Paul was very confident in his speech. He told the truth with no fear, spoke with no teleprompter. Loved how he quoted Pink Floyd. Rand sounded pretty angry in his speech and he sounded pretty serious. Any politician who can speak without reading off of anything is a true politician. 
  2. Sarah Palin – I love Sarah!!! Suck it haters! People hate Sarah ’cause it’s true that she drives the liberals crazy. She’s a hero to the conservative community but a villain to liberals. She was very entertaining during her speech as usual and as expected she gets the audience fired up every time. She was very confident in her speech too. I loved her take on the “Green, Eggs & Ham”. She was pretty funny too. She killed it in her speech like she usually does. I also hope she decides to run in 2016 and it’s looking like she might. 
  3. Sen. Ted Cruz – Love him or hate him, Ted is getting pretty popular in the politics world. He also spoke with no teleprompter and was pretty confident in his speech. Attacked the Obama administration on a lot of things like Obamacare and things like that. He also knows that our government is broken and corrupt. I thought his speech was pretty entertaining as hell. He kept it fun and enjoyable. 
  4. Tara Mack – A young congresswoman who works for the House. Her speech was inspirational ’cause she was trying to send a positive message that conservatives aren’t selfish and we actually care for all people. She may have slammed Obamacare a little bit but her speech was a positive message and I respect her for that. She now has my support. I hope she goes forward in her political career and hopefully one day, she runs for the Senate. 
  5. Dr. Ben Carson – He’s a black conservative who can’t stand Obama. His speech was inspirational ’cause he talked about how he can’t stand political correctness. He also talked about how he is not all for gay-marriage. He says that gays deserves their free rights. I agree that gays deserve free rights but he says that gay-marriage doesn’t belong to homosexuals. In other words, he defended traditional marriage which is great. He also urged us conservatives to never feel intimidated by the left attacking our views in politics by simply saying, “Never let the left shut you up”. Great advice, I must say! I would say that Dr. Carson would have made a great first black president but instead we get a Muslim immigrant in the White House killing people and doing whatever he wants with the law. 
  6. Gov. Rick Perry – Perry’s speech was kind of short but also entertaining as hell! He gave us some hints that he may run for Prez in 2016. He also talked about a bunch of stuff how we need to defend our country and make the USA great again by saying, “It’s time for a little rebellion”. Another great Perry quote, “We just need to change the presidency”. 

There ya go. I’ve seen a bunch other speeches but the ones I listed I was the most impressed with.

Will we get a republican/conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016??? I’m hoping and praying. I think the conservative movement will be BIG in 2016 and we could win again. Of course, I have a feeling that won’t happen and we will probably end up getting another liberal/democrat prez in 2016. If not Hillary, we will get another liberal in the White House. If we do get a conservative/libertarian president in the White House in 2016, I’m sure the left will whine about it and cry for impeachment. The left can be pretty hateful and ignorant. Conservatives are true patriots and we care for our country. We believe in the constitution. We believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

We just want America to be great and strong again like we once were. The left knows we are in bad shape… they just don’t want to blame everything on the Obama administration. The left tries to get me out of the right but it’s never happening. I will always think gay marriage isn’t normal. I will always disagree with abortion. I will always disagree with immigration reform and amnesty. I can’t stand how liberals look at conservatives as bad guys. It’s gotta stop. Seriously.


Conservatism and Obama…

There were a few certain blog commenters on here who made claims that conservatives/right-wingers are not harsh and offensive when it comes to hate against President Obama. After watching many of the speeches at CPAC over the weekend, that’s not what I see there. Many of the celebrities, well-known politicians who spoke at CPAC… all they did was bash the hell out of Obama. All the right-wingers who spoke at CPAC hate President Obama just as much as I do. Their speeches were pretty hateful and aggressive too. If you watch some of their speeches especially guys like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, etc. They all ripped Obama to pieces. They were all pretty tough on him. All the stuff they said about Obama were pretty much the same stuff I’ve been saying about him on this blog. The proven fact is that all right-wingers despise this man, President Obama. All of us are with each other that Barack Obama is nothing but a dictator, socialist, liar, etc. Whatever you wanna call him these days.

If you call yourself a conservative and if you’re offended at the Obama hate and you think it’s wrong. You’re no conservative. You’re a weak one at best. If you think there is nothing wrong with Obama that if you think he has done nothing impeachable or committed no horrible crimes… then you don’t deserve to crown yourself conservative or even libertarian. I just find it hilarious some people make claims that they are a conservative and they continue to act like Obama does nothing wrong no matter the situation.

All conservatives are on the same page about Obama. Other right-wingers have no problem with my hate against him ’cause they agree with pretty much everything I say.

To those who claim that conservatives aren’t hateful and aggressive over Obama is a fucking lie… and you know it. I think you guys are just saying that stuff just to try and shut me up about Obama, well, it’s not working. I’m never gonna shut up about him until this man is held accountable for all the things he have done. If you don’t like my Obama hate, it isn’t that difficult to ignore or to quit reading my blog altogether. Leave if you don’t like it. You guys know nothing about conservatism even if you think you do.

That’s the problem with the whole left and right thing. Even the conservatives who spoke at CPAC are bothered with the left-right division of politics. They want us all to get together and unite!!! Doesn’t matter who’s left and right. Reagan started the conservative movement for a pretty good reason and we all respect the hell out of him.

We are in need of a right-wing Senate and we are in need of a right-wing President in the White House. The people who spoke at CPAC knows that conservatives are in trouble and the left is winning. That’s part of what these CPAC events are for is to help promote conservatism and get it out there more. Liberals are horrible people… they really are a piece of work. Even the people who spoke at CPAC knows that liberal media is getting pretty bad.

I enjoyed listening through the CPAC speeches over the weekend. I saw some of Sarah Palin’s speech last night and she killed it like she usually does. I’ll watch the rest of her speech in youtube today. There are still a few other speeches that I wanna listen to in youtube as well.


Sarah Palin predicted during the 2008 elections Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama’s elected… turns out she was right!!!

Just more reasons to love Sarah Palin and why she should be the one who should be our first female president.

A few years back, Palin was the first to call on it that Russia would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected but she was laughed at and got a lot of flak for it. What she said, actually happened.

More on it, here.

America should listen to this woman more ’cause she tells it like it is every time. I still support Sarah. I’ve been following her since the 2008 elections and still AM a fan/supporter of her. I have no regrets or guilt supporting her. Don’t like it? Fuck off. I support who I want.

The Ukraine violence is getting really bad too. I haven’t been following the Ukraine protests too much but it does sound like a bit fishy.


More liberal nonsense about the Duck Dynasty controversy…

As expected, liberals would have complete opposite thoughts as the right wingers. Right wingers believe that Phil Robertson didn’t deserve what he got and they believe he has freedom of speech rights while in facebook, I’m seeing that liberals are offended at the things he said and they think he deserved it. Yet, the most ridiculous thing is that a lot of them have no problem with the words that Martin Bashir said about Sarah Palin. Isn’t all of this messed up? This is just more liberal hypocrisy. Martin Bashir’s words were more offensive than Phil Robertson’s and the liberals were pretty silent on Bashir’s comments. Probably ’cause liberals hate Sarah Palin and they consider anybody a hero who trash talks her no matter how offensive the words get.

One thing that sickens me is when a famous person or a political figure says something offensive, it becomes a media frenzy yet EVERYONE ignores all the offensive things that President Obama says. President Obama says a lot of ridiculous and offensive things about everything… yet he doesn’t get much of a backlash. He says offensive stuff about everything… about our country, religion, wars, the economy, etc. He doesn’t get much of a media backlash on his lies and cover ups either. He’s in a media backlash about Obamacare, that’s about it.

I can’t stand the back and forth hypocrisy in politics. Even though I’m conservative/republican… it really shouldn’t matter who’s right/left. People need to be more realistic about stuff instead of siding with your party on everything.

If people think Phil Robertson has all his right to say what he wants… what does this make Martin Bashir look? Don’t you think it’s unfair for him that he can’t say stuff like Sarah Palin should eat shit?

My god, people. Welcome to America.


Thoughts about Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir…

This feud in the political world: Sarah Palin vs. Martin Bashir just blew up all over the media and I figure you would want my thoughts on it. I’ll make it brief.

Whether you like Sarah Palin or not… love her or hate her… she didn’t deserve that attack by him. I agree it was inappropriate and way out of line telling her to go eat shit and stuff. Welcome to news media in America. The news media is full of assholes and douchebags, not just that Bashir guy. This is why I don’t watch any of the news stations like MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. All garbage.

Sarah seems like a very strong and tough woman. I’m sure she can take it and I have a feeling she’s going to fire back at him on her official facebook page with a long response. You know it’s coming when she gets around to it. Whether or not you agree with her political views in the world… she has the right to say what she wants so that Bashir asshole attacking her was uncalled for.