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Thought: Reasons to vote John McCain/Sarah Palin and NOT Barack Obama/Joe Biden…

-John McCain cares very much for the victims of Hurrican Gustav and is doing a lot to help save the victims, while Obama is doing very little.

-McCain wants to create millions of jobs for America in the economic world of politics

-McCain helps to save more energy so our air won’t be polluted

-McCain disagrees with US Troops being sent home from the War in Iraq this soon, because even he knows it will not help end the war, it’ll only make it worse. http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Issues/fdeb03a7-30b0-4ece-8e34-4c7ea83f11d8.htm

-McCain wants Americans to make it easier for everyone to get health care, at a cheap and affordable price for anyone and everyone to get health care, while Barack Obama’s health care plan is pretty much McCain’s same idea, except Obama makes his health care plan even more strict.

-In education, McCain wants parents to be able to choose their own schools to see what schools fits best for their child. Obama however, doesn’t want children going to failed schools, he doesn’t want children getting failed grades, Obama wants the opportunity for children to pass and go forward and not fail grades. I don’t want that in America. That is cheating. Get a reality check people. Obama wants every child to keep going forward in school no matter how many tests and exams they fail on? Obama is an idiot. McCain is the right here. McCain wants parents to choose the best schools with best teachers, so children can learn to be smart on their own.

-Both McCain and Obama wants our broken illegal immigration to be fixed, both wants borders to be more secured so illegal immigrants can be kept out of our country. While Obama wants secured borders, McCain wants even more stronger borders secured by using technologies and using security aircraft to keep an eye out for illegal immigrants trying to enter, and other things. Obama failed to state what kind of security he wanted while McCain wanted a lot more! Good for McCain!

-McCain says that law abiding citizens have the right to own guns for protecting themselves, but thinks that criminals deserve stricter laws to buy weapons to committ a crime.  

-McCain wants a stronger military in America to protect us from more terrorist attacks and more war threats.

Obama is such a joke, all he wants to do is attack and bash his running opponents while McCain is doing more worthy and more important things like trying to help save the victims of Hurricane Gustav. Obama is going to make America worse. McCain is the man to make America a better society to live in. Keep dreaming Obama lovers, whether you like it or not, McCain is our next President of the United States. I support him 100%.


BREAKING NEWS: John McCain confirms Sarah Palin is his running mate…

John McCain shocks the world in this years election by announcing that Sarah Palin is his running mate for vice president.

The Associated Press reports:


You’ll have to admit that Sarah Palin is a sexy and gorgeous looking woman. That could be one reason why McCain picked her so he can attract voters.

It’s hard to believe that the election is just a few months away. My money is still on McCain on the next prez.

Sorry but I don’t like Barack Obama and don’t understand why so many famous musicians and celebrities thinks he’s so great.