Sarah Palin, “Impeach Obama” video response….

Same speech as the Breitbart article she wrote but still good! She sounds serious about it. I love how she says the right and the left should unite on this but you know that will never happen. The left will never wake up and join us. The left will always be this blind and deluded.

Yes, many are gonna attack Sarah for her calls on “Impeach Obama” but whatever it takes to get Congress going on the articles of impeachment. Any politician or government official who calls for “Obama Impeachment” will always get attacked ’cause many will be offended and won’t like it.

Seriously, people… they don’t call for “Obama Impeachment” for nothing. Get over yourselves. Why is it that some people don’t wanna see Obama get impeached? Why is it that some don’t wanna see Obama take some responsibility for his own actions? Wake up, America.

As long as Sarah is calling for impeachment, I think more will follow. More will call for impeachment after her.

She’s so right that Obama did many impeachable offenses other than the Bergdahl trade in and Illegal Immigration. She’s also referring to stuff like Benghazi, Operation F&F, NSA, IRS, Obamacare, etc.

I think she’ll be successful at getting rid of our president. It needs to happen. It’s time to get rid of this dictator and fraud.


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