People who attack Sarah Palin are all hypocrites… keep it going…

I have had my eye on Sarah Palin ever since the 2008 elections. I still support her greatly to this day and I haven’t turned my back on her, yet.

Bill Maher once said that the more people attack Hillary Clinton, the more it’s giving her a reason to become President? Well the same can be said when you all attack Sarah Palin. The more you attack Sarah, the bigger she is getting and the more it makes it a possibility that she could run for president in 2016.

Usually when people attack Sarah Palin are just jealous and envious of her. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it. The only reason people hate her so much is ’cause she tells the truth about Obama and people are hating it. She’s a hero to conservatives but an enemy to liberals. Usually when people attack Sarah Palin is that they usually can’t think of a good reason to hate her. What is a good reason to hate her? They can’t think of a good reason. If people don’t like what she says or don’t agree with her, the only response people can come up with is call her a bunch of names and hateful criticism without giving a reason to hate her. Some Americans just don’t like her attacking their precious Obama. Period.

I also think people don’t like her that much is ’cause she has conservative beliefs, she’s a good looking woman and she has a large family. What’s real sad about this is that Sarah Palin has a son with down syndrome and people can’t even give her any compassion for that. This country claims to support children with problems.

Anybody who attacks Sarah Palin for no reason is a fuckin’ hypocrite. Mostly coming from people who gets offended at Barack Obama hate from the conservatives. If you find our hate toward Obama offensive then what you’re doing to Sarah Palin is offensive. A lot of you can be pretty sexist and hateful.

Keep it going and before you know it, Sarah will be in the oval office in 2016. People who attack Sarah are nothing but a bunch of uneducated and jealous losers.

She’s a smart and intelligent woman. I admire her for telling the truth even if no one wants to hear it.

Oh yeah, anybody who claims to be conservative and doesn’t like Sarah Palin is usually a closeted liberal. I haven’t seen any conservatives that hates Sarah Palin — most right-wingers love her. I still love Sarah and if you don’t like it. Here’s a big middle finger to you. She got my vote when she ran for Vice President for John McCain and she’ll get my vote again.

I think from this point on that I’ll leave Sarah posts closed ’cause all you’re gonna do is attack her. I’m sure she doesn’t even care if she’s hated. I think she wants this kind of reaction. She’s a patriot who believes in the country and would do anything to tell the truth. Sarah haters are a bunch of losers, anyway.