It’s a David Bowie weekend…

Last Friday was Bowie’s birthday and today is his 6th year Anniversary death. I’ve been a long time Bowie fan ever since high school really. Over the years, I’ve tried to collect all of his albums and it took me a long time ’cause he has a large discography of albums… only need a few more left.

Some wonder what Bowie was like in the studio? After doing a lot of reading on him in his studio work over the years, I’ve read he was very nice. He wasn’t difficult to get along with but he kept everything honest, though. He knew what he was going for in his music. Did he write most of his own songs? Yes for the most part, I read he brought a lot of his own material but at the same time, he let his other guitar players and other musicians come up with their own stuff. If David liked their playing, he’ll take it into his songs. So in reality, it was both David and the musicians in his band wrote the music, they all wrote together really.

Not only that I like listening to Bowie music, I also loved reading about him too. I’ve read that if you actually got to meet Bowie in person, while he was pretty a nice guy, he’ll be very boring. He doesn’t like people fanboying over him and he was never one for autographs much, I think. He always stayed humbled and never saw himself as a rock star. He just wanted to live like a normal person and be a family man, ya know?

Bowie was a huge inspiration and influence into my own songwriting too, though… if you heard my original songs, you would probably hear a lot of Bowie influence.

I’ll never get tired of Bowie music ever. Initially, I just wanted to be a guitar player but the singing came after and it was Bowie that got me interested in singing myself after I picked up the guitar.

Bowie maybe gone but the music will never be. His art will always be around.


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