David Bowie… why he was the greatest artist ever…

I’m planning a David Bowie tribute for my online home performances but I think I’m gonna make that for instagram instead of live stream. I’ve noticed that instagram allows you to post longer videos now which is about time so I’m going to do all live performances on instagram from now on, I think.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning all the David Bowie songs I want to learn for the tribute. Learning these Bowie songs… singing them and playing guitar on them… it reminded me that Bowie really was a musical genius. He knew how to write songs for sure and he was a real musician.

I’m trying to sing Bowie songs as how he sung the songs on the album. A lot of his songs are pretty tough to sing. Why? It’s because he was a pretty melodic singer and he also sung a lot of high notes too. His music was so great ’cause he was good at singing melodic vocal lines that never leave your head… his vocal phrasing is what made his music special.

While David was mostly known as a really good singer… what most people don’t want to talk about was his rhythm guitar playing. He was a great rhythm guitarist for sure… he used a lot of chords for his songs, it’s crazy. He was also more than just a guitar player ’cause he played more than one instrument on his albums in the past… he played the saxophone, keyboards, piano and the organ on a lot of them too.

That man knew what he wanted out of his music. David was a songwriter who was never afraid to take risks in his music over the years. Whether he did rock n’ roll to pop to dance music to ballads, everything he did was genius.

Before David passed away, he wanted nothing to do with rock n’ roll anymore ’cause his latest album, “Blackstar” wasn’t a rock n’ roll album but it was still an amazing record. I just learned the song “Blackstar” the album’s title track and that is one of the songs for the upcoming Bowie tribute… and I’m excited to do that song for y’all.

There’s not one Bowie song that I don’t like… he is one of those artists that you enjoy every song and never get tired of listening to over and over. Even though he stopped doing rock n’ roll over the years, his songs were still pretty tight and gave you goosebumps.

I was bummed when David passed ’cause I’ve always looked up to his music over the years of my life. Listened to his music for a long time. My Bowie tribute will be coming real soon… probably this week exclusively on my instagram page. I’ve always wanted to do a Bowie tribute and finally doing it.


7 thoughts on “David Bowie… why he was the greatest artist ever…”

  1. Instagram feed allows only 1 minute posts, so that wouldn’t work. Your best bet is Instagram Live. Looking forward to it.

    1. I’ve seen other people on Instagram posting videos longer than 5 minutes on IGTV. If they could do it, I could probably too… unless they’re using an app for that like “Continual”…

      1. Exactly – IGTV/Instagram Live. It will only show up in your feed for 1 minute, then forces the viewer to switch over to IGTV. Live would be so much easier – and cooler.

      2. If I’m gonna go live then I’ll really have to take time to really rehearse these songs and practice. Still got a few more Bowie tunes to learn… working on “Starman” right now and then I have “Andy Warhol” and “The Man Who Sold the World” thrown into the set too.

        Like I said before, Bowie tribute will have some big surprises!

      3. I just gave IGTV a try today and what you’re saying is all wrong. It doesn’t disappear from my feed at all and the long video gets posted on my IG page easily and people can see it. Kind of cool actually but I’m still gonna do the Bowie tribute live stream like I’ve been promising people, though and it’s gonna happen.

  2. If it was live it we be more of an event people wold appreciate, I think. Worth having to rehearse more. Something to think about.

    1. Yup. I’ve always thought that performing live on the internet is the same thing as performing a live show at a venue. Both pretty much the same thing.

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