What I’ve been doing to defeat boredom during this country lockdown…

Yes, I am bored too just like the rest of you. I should be at the gym getting those muscle gains and smashing new pr’s on bench, deadlift and squat. Even though I’ve been out of the gym, I’ve been doing home workouts some… doing mostly bodyweight stuff and stretching. Whenever the weather is decent, I would go out for a long walk just to get out of the house, get some fresh air and get my cardio in. Mostly the weather has been shit here in my hometown of Greenwich, mostly cold and rain but sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a warm day. Even though it’s been shit weather, it hasn’t been much of a Spring to be honest… we’ll get the warm weather soon enough.

What I’ve been doing through this country lockdown is playing a lot more guitar ’cause that’s all I’ve been doing most of the day pretty much.

In the morning, I’ll listen to wrestling podcasts while drinking my coffee… then I’ll be off playing guitar for the rest of the day after that and then I’ll do some reading in the afternoon. I bought a bunch of books for my Ipad to keep me occupied. Mostly wrestling books, a couple of thrillers and a Star Wars novel “Heir to the Empire” which is the first of the Thrawn trilogy. I’ve read the Thrawn Trilogy years ago when I was in high school and I thought I would start reading them again ’cause they are great books. I don’t read Star Wars books but the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn are excellent books and they are classics too… they came out in the 90’s, I think. They are Star Wars stories that continue after the original film trilogy.

Over the weekend, I finished watching “The Sopranos – Season 1”. I watched the “Jersey Boys” movie, a Clint Eastwood directed film on Netflix Saturday night and then on Sunday night, I watched “Toy Story 1 & 2” on Disney Plus. I’m not much of a Pixar fan but I fucking love the Toy Story movies, though. I’m a huge fan of those movies ’cause they’re so good and entertaining… the writing, the voice acting, the animation. The Toy Story films has some of the best animation I’ve seen. Some may think it’s weird that a 40 something man watching Toy Story films but believe it or not, there are plenty of full grown adults that are fans of those movies too. You’re never too old to enjoy Disney and Pixar. I think Disney Plus is a really impressive streaming service so I’m keeping it for sure.

I’ve been hanging in the house being lazy all the time like everyone else but what are ya gonna do when the country is closed, ya know?

I’m noticing more and more people has had enough of this lockdown, though. I’m fed up with it myself and I want the country to get reopen as soon as possible ’cause the numbers out there inaccurate. It’s time to cut the bullshit and get the country back to work. This lockdown is getting to people already. People who are so used to working all the time are stuck home trying to remember what day it is, complaining on social media how bored they are, people who drink occasionally became alcoholics, families and friends no longer getting along because of all this, people becoming depressed, domestic violence on the rise, people becoming suicidal, etc. I can go on all day.

Me???? I’m doing my best to stay strong and stay positive throughout this whole thing. I’m not gonna get all panicky and live in fear through covid-19. I’m not scared of it… just continuing to live my life and enjoy it.

It’ll be all over very soon hopefully… I’m feeling Cuomo will keep NY State closed for a long time and hopefully not, though. Despite that, I’m gonna keep living my life positive and stay strong. As Sly Stallone would say, “keep punching” and I agree especially through all this mess.


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