Why I love to listen to wrestling podcasts and read wrestling books…

Yeah, admittedly I love to listen to quite a few wrestling podcasts… the wrestling podcasts that I like to mostly listen to are “83 Weeks” w/ Eric Bischoff, “Something to Wrestle” with Bruce Prichard, “Talk Is Jericho” with Chris Jericho and sometimes the Steve Austin podcast. I also read plenty of wrestling books over the years of my life.

A lot of you know that I’m a big wrestling fanatic… a huge pro wrestling superfan I would say. I’ve watched wrestling for years, most of my life really. Again, I just love and respect what they do and I love the business.

I like listening to wrestling podcasts and read wrestling books ’cause simply put, I just love learning wrestling history and I also love learning all the behind the scene stuff and all the backstage secrets. I just like the history of wrestling and just love hearing the stories from the wrestlers themselves and people who work behind the scenes. It’s all just interesting stuff to me.

I’m trying to watch all of “WCW Monday Nitro” on the WWE Network ’cause listening to podcasts and reading books about WCW drew me into watching “Nitro” on the WWE Network. I didn’t watch much WCW Nitro when it used to be on TV in the past so I’m trying to watch all of it on the WWE Network.

If you want to be considered as a true wrestling fan then you should know about the business as much as possible and learn about wrestling history as much as possible. I would say that I’m pretty knowledge-able about wrestling by now. I pretty much learned everything about wrestling’s important storylines and angles like the formation of the NWO, the Hogan heel turn, the Montreal Screwjob with HBK and Bret Hart (I think this was the famous angle that lead to the McMahon and Austin feud)…. the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era and all that stuff.

You should do more than just watch wrestling on TV… you gotta know everything as much as possible about wrestling and I try.

Which wrestlers or wrestling personality that tells the most interesting stories? Well I would say Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard are the most interesting which is why I listen to their podcasts a lot. Those three men are very honest and aren’t afraid to say the cold hard truth which is why I love listening to them.

Other wrestling people tell stories too but most of them are just egotistical, bitter and whiny babies… like Bret Hart for example. Bret Hart is indeed one of the greatest of all time that can’t be denied but in real life, he is kind of an asshole. His negativity in interviews is a bit of turn off and he’s definitely one of the most outspoken and controversial wrestlers. I bought Bret Hart’s book “My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling” for my Ipad just so I can get his side of the story of the Montreal Screwjob thing. I also want to see the Bret Hart documentary “Wrestling With Shadows” at some point. Maybe I’ll make a separate post about the Montreal Screwjob ’cause it’s interesting stuff… to write about my thoughts on it.

I’m currently reading Bischoff’s book, “Controversy Creates Cash” and almost done with it and I think that’s definitely one of the best wrestling books out there. That book definitely helped me look at the wrestling business differently… Eric is a very interesting and intelligent guy. I’ve always respected that man and he should absolutely be in the WWE Hall of Fame for sure.

I just like learning about the industry. The wrestling business may seem fun but not always… there’s always a dark side about it.




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