When ever I do my first live stream acoustic show…

Whenever I do my first live acoustic show, I’m going to use my handheld Everio camera to do that with by hooking that up to my PC… also, I’m planning to hook up my Focusrite audio interface to the computer so I can plug in my guitar and microphone… that way I can sound amplified and you can really hear me through the speakers. I’m gonna figure all this out… this will be a big time live performance… all of it.

So for my first live show which will be a David Bowie tribute, I’m going to really rehearse these songs so I can try not to mess up guitar parts, singing and lyrics and all that stuff. I won’t forget lyrics ’cause I’ll be reading the lyrics off of notebook paper anyways… it’s okay to do that on a live stream at home. Bowie wrote a lot of lyrics so it will be hard to memorize his lyrics… I only have some of his songs memorized by heart, though.

Doing my first live stream show, I thought it would be cool to do David Bowie first since he’s my favorite artist and it’ll happen real soon. I think people will be surprised that I can nail his songs and do ’em justice which is the goal.

I may do tribute shows of other bands & artists, though sometime in the future I may do Johnny Cash ’cause I wanna do a tribute for him too. I’d also like to do Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, John Fogerty/CCR and the Beatles too.

I will also do live stream shows with me doing various cover songs as well.

As for original music???? Yeah, I definitely plan on doing live stream shows of nothing but me performing my originals. I’m gonna wait to do that when I write a new batch of originals ’cause I don’t want to be doing just older songs. I’ll perform my older songs, yeah but I want to perform new songs as well and I want to get back into songwriting at some point.

This live stream show will probably be a regular thing… it won’t be just for this country lockdown ’cause I’ll always be doing live streams ’cause I’ve been planning it for years anyways.


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