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Watched the film “Capote” last night…

Last night on Netflix, I watched the film “Capote” for the first time ever. I’ve seen most of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s films but this one I’ve never seen.


It’s based on the real life story of Truman Capote writing a book about the murder of a Kansas family. I was pretty much blown away with the film and it was incredible. Powerful flick. This movie makes me want to read the book, “In Cold Blood” and I probably will.

No matter what you think of Phillip’s drug problems, he was an extremely talented actor. The guy could play anything.

This is a great film if you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix.


Report: Joaquin Phoenix finally returns to acting in untitled film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson!!!

Now that Joaquin Phoenix is finally out of his crazy rap gimmick, the actor finally announced his next film project. He will star in an untitled religious drama directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, it will star alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Joaquin, hasn’t starred in a new movie since 2008, “Two Lovers”. After that film, he announced he was going to retire from acting to start a rap career. He grew his hair to long, and grew a full beard. Joaquin admitted on his last David Letterman appearance, that his rap career was all an act. It was something fun that he and Casey Affleck came up with.

Joaquin is now done fooling around and he’s finally ready to get back to work! I’m glad, because he’s one of my favorite actors. He’s a good man for this and I’m looking forward to his next film!

Variety, reports.


Report: Philip Seymour Hoffman says no to playing the Penguin for the next Batman flick…

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman spoke out to MTV News that he is NOT playing The Penguin, he also admitted that he doesn’t think he would be a good Penguin.

Hoffman says he is also a huge fan of Chris Nolan’s flicks, he is also a huge fan of comic books and enjoys comic book adapted films.

The rumour of Hoffman playing the Penguin was started by Michael Caine who also brought up the rumour of Johnny Depp playing the Riddler.

More on it here:


I would also like to say that I wouldn’t quickly assume that the Riddler and the Penguin will be the next villains for the next flick. You never know who the next villains are. Christopher Nolan has never said anything about the next Batman flick, he didn’t even say if he was going to direct the next one or not, so don’t jump to conclusions on what the next villains will be ’cause that’s how these rumours start.

And on top of that, I don’t think Phillip Seymour Hoffman would be a good Penguin either. If Penguin is the next villain, who do I think should get the role?

Probably no one other than Jack Black. The Penguin is short and fat, and so is Jack Black. I’m also pretty sure that Jack can nail down the Penguin voice easily. I’m rooting for Jack for the Penguin.

Expect Johnny Depp to speak out on the rumours of him playing the Riddler as well.