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Spielberg no longer directing Indy 5 but what’s the real reason???

In my opinion, this is bad and I think Steve is making a huge mistake. I remember that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford has been talking about doing Indy 5 ever since the 4th one, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”… but since Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney this means Disney owns Lucasfilm now. Therefor, it also means that Disney owns the Indy franchise.

There could be many reasons why Spielberg is no longer interested… maybe the script having problems still and he isn’t 100% with it yet… either that or he doesn’t feel comfortable without George being around ’cause George was in charge of the story for the first 4 films. It could be any reason. Maybe he feels he doesn’t have what it takes to direct an Indy film anymore.

Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace (EXCLUSIVE)

Anyhow, I think Indy 5 is gonna flop in the box office pretty badly now that Spielberg is out. In my opinion, no other director but Spielberg directs the Indy movies. Replacing a director for the Indy films is a joke really. Indy is Spielberg’s baby.

A different director takes over, there’s gonna be a different style and no other director will be able to match Spielberg’s style of directing ’cause every director is different.

And also, they better make this movie soon ’cause the longer they wait, the older Harrison gets ’cause that man is getting older. I know these guys want to take their time with the script but Harrison’s age… he’s 77 now.

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan… love them all even the 4th one “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” but “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will always be the best one of the series. “Raiders” is a classic and an essential.

I hope Indy 5 will be good and it’ll probably end up being a passing of the torch kind of story. I hope they don’t do the “sci-fi” thing next time, though.


Ben Affleck doesn’t realize that he has many fans who love him as Batman… wish he would wake up and realize that…

Yes, Ben Affleck is a die-hard liberal but he’s still a very talented man and I’ve admired his work through the years in his films. I love him as Batman when he did “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”, I thought he did surprisingly fucking awesome. I thought he made a great Batman and he was fantastic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Affleck’s Batman got mixed reviews. Many hated him as Batman but at the same time there are also many fans out there who thought he was great. I also thought he played Bruce Wayne extremely well too when he didn’t have the batsuit on.

Originally, Ben was going to continue to play Batman and Warner Bros. wanted him to write and direct “The Batman” but he pulled out and the project went to Matt Reeves instead.

Ben’s first explanation of dropping out was that he couldn’t come up with a good version of the film even if he worked with a good screenwriter and said he couldn’t “crack it”. Next thing you know Ben admits the film could make him go back to being an alcoholic again.

I appreciate Ben trying to be honest with himself and trying to stay humble but I don’t think he realizes that a lot of people loved him as Batman and fans want him to keep playing that iconic character.

I don’t think Ben knows that he’s loved by many Batman and DC fans. I know Ben’s been going through a lot of problems and struggles in life but he needs to stop being so down about himself ’cause that’s not healthy.

Wish he would wake up and keep making Batman movies for the fans. I think he should have stayed on for “The Batman”. I think he would have made it a great film.

What’s gonna happen with “Justice League”??? I don’t think there’s gonna be a “Justice League 2” now that WB’s wants nothing to do with Superman and Ben wants nothing to do with Batman anymore. All of this is really sad.

Even though Ben is a die-hard leftist politically, I still wish him well ’cause he is a talented man. He made some good movies over the years.


Robert Pattinson as the Batman in cowl and suit revealed… freakin’ awesome so far…

This just dropped out of nowhere today. Dropped by Matt Reeves himself  on his twitter account and the internet was already all over it. It quickly went viral.

This is just a camera test… probably just Robert Pattinson in the batsuit before the movie begins filming, just trying things out and testing it, ya know? Robert in the batsuit in a dark room with red light. Looks like Pattinson is the Dark Knight for this one ’cause the suit is made of armor it looks like.

I just love when Pattinson looks down, you can’t really see his mouth and eyes yet but when he slowly looks up, you start to his mouth and eyes. Omg, his look through the cowl looks freakin’ awesome and very intense! I can now see why Matt Reeves and the crew badly wanted Pattinson ’cause I can see them getting blown away when they first saw Robert in the batsuit. Pattinson’s mouth and eyes looks fantastic through that cowl, though. I love that look.

This video doesn’t show the whole costume just his upper body and they won’t let you show his ears yet either. I’m sure they’ll give us another first look at his full costume real soon. What about Batman’s utility belt? I’m sure he’s gonna be wearing one, of course with all kinds of cool bat-toys… but the utility belt will not only have his weapons, it will also have all kinds of tools giving you a hint that he would be a detective too.

Looking great so far and I’m already impressed!

Unfortunately, though, we’ll have to wait until the summer of 2021 for us to see it, though but they’ll keep giving more and more first looks from the film ’cause it’s filming right now. They’ll give us pictures of Catwoman, The Riddler and the Penguin. They’ll give us pics of the Batmobile, Wayne Manor (Bruce’s home) and the Batcave.

I’m already feeling that this movie could be a huge box office smash. Could end up being the biggest Batman movie ever. Hope Robert is ready for this.


Rick Moranis signs on to his first live action film in 23 years, he’ll return to the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” film series…

This is the best news ever! It’s been 23 years since Rick Moranis hasn’t done a major role in a live action film ’cause he retired from Hollywood in 1997 to raise his kids. He also believed that he didn’t need to work much anymore ’cause he made so much money from his past films especially the first two “Honey I Shrunk the Kids/I Blew Up the Kid” which both of those films did well in the box office.

Rick is officially set to reprise his role as Wayne Szalinski in the 5th installment to the “Honey I Shrunk” series but this one will be considered a reboot and it will be simply titled, “Shrunk”. There were 4 Shrunk movies in the past and Rick starred in all 4 of them and he’s about to make a big return to the series. This is great news really and this is a perfect comeback film for Rick too. He hasn’t played the Wayne Szalinski character in many years but I’m sure he still got it.

Rick Moranis Closes Deal To Return To ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ Franchise With ‘Shrunk’ At Disney

Why did Rick finally agree to come back to Hollywood after all these years??? Well, I’m sure his kids are full grown adults by now and they are probably out there living on their own so Rick no longer needs to take care of them. Rick has time to get back into Hollywood. I’m sure he also feels that his Shrunk reboot can’t be made without him and I’m sure they made him an offer he can’t refuse.

This Shrunk reboot is gonna be a major big screen release, it won’t be a direct to video movie like the last one was.

I’m glad Rick is finally coming back ’cause he is a talented man. He’s been in so many good movies: “Ghostbusters 1 and 2”, “Spaceballs”, “Parenthood”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “My Blue Heaven”, etc.

He may not be returning for Ghostbusters but the Shrunk movie is a good choice.

Now lets hope Macaulay Culkin finally comes out of retirement soon…. you hear that Macaulay???


Defending the Hollywood film industry, do they deserve all the criticism and hate they’re getting in America??? No, not really…

Yes… the Hollywood film industry is having all kinds of problems… liberal politics, pedophilia, rapists, etc. All that stuff is going on in Hollywood but it’s kind of unfair that the industry is getting criticized and attacked for it all. Hollywood is getting attacked and criticized by both sides of the spectrum honestly. I’ve been noticing that as well.

Even though all this is going on, I can’t help but continue to watch movies ’cause well… ya know, I’m a movie buff and always will be. I know Hollywood film industry is having all kinds of problems but I continue to watch movies ’cause it’s what I do.

People want to treat Hollywood as if it’s the most evil thing. Yeah, yeah, there are gonna be liberals in Hollywood, pedos and rapists but not all actors, film directors, producers, etc. are gonna be. You can’t immediately assume that these celebrities are guilty just because they’re being accused of being a predator in the news. Some of them can be true and some of them can not be.

Yeah, there are bad people in the film industry but not everybody. Not all celebrities are die-hard liberals and not all of them are sexual predators. A lot of people in America just don’t seem to realize that many actors and directors in America are “conservatives” but they are keeping their conservative beliefs to themselves. I remember James Woods saying that on twitter. If these conservative stars came out as conservative, they would probably be blacklisted from Hollywood just like what happened to James Woods. James can’t get work in Hollywood anymore ’cause of it.

Anyhow I don’t believe Hollywood deserves to be attacked like this ’cause they’re the ones working very hard to entertain us. When you attack Hollywood and criticize them, you just don’t realize that all your favorite movies and TV shows you all watch… well Hollywood makes them all, duh. All those movies you go to in the theater and all those TV shows you watch on TV, Netflix or whatever streaming service you’re subscribed for… all of this entertainment… all that was from Hollywood.

Also, people like to say that Hollywood gets paid millions for doing nothing… well, that’s not really a fair criticism either ’cause people will never admit that making movies is a real hard job. It really is… I mean, think about it, right… making a movie takes years to make. They have to start from scratch to make a motion picture and it all starts from a blank piece of paper which is called a script. It takes a long time to write a script… then comes the pre-production which is work that you do before the camera starts rolling… meaning finding the filming locations, casting, costuming, make-up, props, etc. Then comes the production phase which means figuring out the budget and schedule which is mainly the producers job. Then the principal photography starts where all the filming begins which is the toughest work ever. When it comes to the wrap of the movie then the post production… which means this is the phase where editing the movie together takes place, adding in music scores, special effects (if there will be some), etc. This will be the final piece of movie making. Then comes the distribution… releasing the movie, promoting/marketing it, etc.

Making a movie is a lot of work and it can be a tough and overwhelming job. I mean these actors and film crew spends hours and hours making a movie throughout the day and night. They don’t get much sleep ’cause of it.

The acting part of making a movie is not so easy either. Some may think being an actor may be easy but it’s not. To be an actor, you have to be a really good speaker for starters and you can mess up your lines during scenes and it could take a while to get it right. To be a good actor, it takes a lot of skill and talent. These actors in Hollywood didn’t get in the industry over night. Many of them started off in acting classes and then they make their way to theatre first before hitting the big screen. Many actors starting off doing TV commercials and cameos on TV shows. If you think this job is easy, I wanna know what planet you’re living on?

I think Hollywood deserves more respect for these reasons. It’s real sad. Yeah, Hollywood is a mess, no doubt but I love movies and I’ll never stop watching them.


The Oscars… didn’t watch it but I actually wanted to though but lost cable TV yesterday…

I was planning on watching the Oscars last night but yesterday there was a cable TV/internet outage from Spectrum all day yesterday so I couldn’t watch the Oscars at all. I wanted to watch the Oscars ’cause I was curious on who was going to win for Best Picture and win for Best Lead Actor/Supporting Actor categories.

While the Oscars will have some liberal politics throughout the shows, I was happy with the winner results last night, though. Yes, “Parasite” made history and won most awards and they were all worthy. Like I said in the previous blog post, I saw “Parasite” over the weekend myself and thought the movie was amazing.

I was also glad for Jaoquin Phoenix for winning for his “Joker” role. Now that you think about it, two Joker actors are now Academy Award winners…. Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix which kind of cool if you think about it.

I’m disappointed that Tom Hanks didn’t get his third Oscar this year but Brad Pitt winning for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Cliff Booth in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” was definitely worthy. Even though Pitt seemed to have slammed the Trump impeachment acquittal, I was glad for him anyways ’cause he was good in “Once Upon a Time…”. Pitt made the Cliff Booth role extremely entertaining and helped made that movie watchable. Yeah, Pitt is a die-hard liberal and a Trump hater but he’s still a talented actor, though.

I never saw “Toy Story 4” yet but I’m glad Toy Story got the Oscar spotlight once again and won Best Animated Feature. I love the Toy Story movies and gonna get around to seeing the 4th one sometime soon. I’m not really into children’s movies all that much but I’m a huge fan of Toy Story.

Even though I didn’t watch the Oscars last night when I wanted to, seems like an okay show for the most part. Seems like politics weren’t that bad this year.

I wish conservatives on twitter would stop attacking the Oscars and Hollywood all the time. Sure, I can understand why they would be turned off of Hollywood since Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the Me Too movement going on lately but they need to get out of this bubble they’re living in of Hollywood being bad people and I’m about to have a rant about this soon. Trashing Hollywood isn’t good for America.


My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2019 are listed here… enjoy…

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My top 10 Movies of 2019 is here. Enjoy!

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So here are my choices for Top 10 Films of 2019 listed here in this Instagram post. I thought I would do something a little different and post an Instagram image about it. Yep, these are my favorite films of the year with “Parasite” being my no. 1 best film of the year.

I was gonna pick “Joker” as my no 1. choice but since I’ve finally saw the “Parasite” movie over the weekend before the Oscars, my mind was fucking blown after seeing “Parasite”. I didn’t pick “Parasite as my no 1. because of the award buzz the film was getting lately… I picked it as my no 1. choice ’cause I thought the film was really amazing and mind-blowing. I absolutely loved “Parasite”. Everything about that film was so perfect… so that film getting all those Oscar wins from last night was worthy for sure. I predicted in the past that “Joker” maybe winning Best Picture but after seeing “Parasite”, I just had this feeling. Yup, this is “Parasite’s” year at the Oscars and finally the Academy doing something right for once. “Parasite” really was a great film which is surprising ’cause while “Parasite” is considered a comedy which it is, the film is also a thriller. It can get funny and very dark at the same time. “Parasite” can get quite violent and bloody and the Academy isn’t too friendly with those type of movies. “Parasite” was definitely a masterpiece and you should check it out yourself.

“Midsommar” and “Joker” were both pretty amazing films as well.

Enjoy the list. I’m gonna post the music one a little later. The music one will be revised a little bit.


Planning to watch the Oscars this Sunday for the first time in 3 years… just to see if “Joker” will win Best Picture and see if Tom Hanks will win his 3rd Oscar…

Yeah, I’m planning to watch the Oscars this Sunday for a few reasons. 1) I want to see if “Joker” is gonna win for Best Picture 2) See if Tom Hanks is gonna win his third Oscar for his Mr. Rogers movie.

I’ve taken a long break from watching the Oscars. It may have seem like I haven’t watched it in many years but technically, I’ve noticed I haven’t watched it in 3 years. The last time I watched the Oscars was when “Spotlight” w/ Michael Keaton won Best Picture. I stopped watching after that due to all the politics going on and stuff, ya know?

I am gonna watch this year, though. There are some good nominations this year, that’s another reason it got me interested in the Oscars again.

Is this movie “Parasite” worthy of all these nominations? Is it Best Picture worthy? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen “Parasite” yet but I’m planning to watch it this weekend since I bought it on BluRay this week.

I saw “Joker” finally, though and fucking LOVED IT. I really hope “Joker” wins “Best Picture” and there’s a good chance it will.

I’ve watched the Oscars throughout most of my life… since my high school years pretty much. Took a few year break ’cause of their left-wing politics. I’m sure there are going to be some politics this year but I’m gonna do my best to ignore it all. I probably will end up watching the whole show.

Oscars gonna be interesting this year. I hope “Joker” wins it but it’ll probably end up going to “Parasite”. Never though, neither “Joker” or “Parasite” would get Best Picture and it can end up going to something else. “Little Women” might win it, though, I wouldn’t be surprised. If lucky enough “The Irishman” or “Marriage Story” could end up being the first Netflix Best Picture winner. We’ll see this weekend.


Happy 90th birthday to Gene Hackman… one of my favorite actors…


It’s understandable why Gene Hackman doesn’t want to do big screen movies anymore. His last movie he did was “Welcome to Mooseport” way back in 2004 then he retired from acting for good after that. Gene has been in too many hit films over the years of his career that he got so rich out of it. He don’t need to work in Hollywood anymore as he has nothing left to prove. Retirement well-deserved, I say!

Anyway, Gene is one actor that is a favorite of mine and one actor that I have the utmost respect for. In his career over the years, Gene has played in films through every genre pretty much. He has done everything from action movies to drama to comedies to thrillers… except the only genre that he stayed away from was “horror”. Well, he had a role in the film “Young Frankenstein” so I guess that counts as a horror film.

He’s been in so many good movies. While he’s mostly famous as Lex Luthor in the Superman series w/ Christopher Reeve and he’s famous for “Unforgiven” w/ Eastwood, he’s in other good roles. Movies such as “Bonnie & Clyde”, “The Conversation”, “Crimson Tide”, “The French Connection I + II”, “Hoosiers”, “Behind Enemy Lines”, “Enemy of the State”, “Wyatt Earp”, “The Quick and the Dead”, etc. He has also been in two movies with Clint Eastwood: “Unforgiven” and “Absolute Power”.

He had a great career and like I said, he has nothing left to prove. I’m sure he still got it with the acting talent, he just don’t want to do it anymore.

I grew up throughout my entire life watching Gene Hackman movies and I’m sure the rest of you did too.

Happy birthday Gene and hope he’s doing well where ever he is.


Thoughts on the Oscar nominations for 2020… looks good this year… will I watch? Thinking about it…

Well the Oscar nominations came out for this year and they look surprisingly good. I haven’t watched the Oscars in like several years or more for a few reasons: 1) Hollywood won’t stop getting political 2) The nominations has been shit lately. This year the nominations are looking pretty decent, in my opinion.

The “Joker” movie scored the most nominations and it actually scored a “Best Picture” nomination which is really surprising. The Oscars has never been too friendly with comic book films and violent films so for the Oscars to be all over “Joker” is kind of weird. It’s cool, though. I haven’t seen “Joker” yet but I bought the BluRay for the “Joker” movie last week and I will get to that film sometime this week. I’ll watch it tomorrow night probably.

Anyhow, the other Best Picture nominations for this year looks good… only ones I’ve seen out of the Best Pictures are “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”, “Marriage Story” and “The Irishman”.

I just watched “Marriage Story” on Netflix last night and it was alright. Not actually the best movie of 2019 like everyone was buzzing about but it was pretty good. Nothing I’ll watch over and over but I thought the best part about “Marriage Story” was Adam Driver’s performance which he actually got nominated for that role. I would like for Adam to win an Oscar for that role but Joaquin Phoenix is probably gonna get the Best Male Lead for “Joker”.

I’m happy that Tom Hanks got nominated for his Mr. Rogers, “It’s a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood” movie. It does look like Tom Hanks maybe winning his 3rd Oscar ’cause that was a really good performance. I saw the Mr. Rogers movie in theater and LOVED IT.

I’m glad “The Irishman” got some nominations ’cause that was a fucking awesome movie. Loved that one and I’m happy for Quentin Tarantino that he’s in the Oscars spotlight again. “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” was great too and I predict Quentin might win for Best Original Screenplay for that one.

Was there any snubs for this year’s Oscars that I was disappointed in? Well the only snub I can think of was that Adam Sandler was snubbed for his role in “Uncut Gems”. I saw “Uncut Gems” last week as well… it was a pretty good film but Adam Sandler’s role in that film was the best part about it. I think it’s a shame Sandler got ignored and that was one of his best performances.

I’ve noticed “The Lighthouse” movie with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe didn’t get too much nominations hardly at all. I’m gonna get to “The Lighthouse” movie this week ’cause I rented it through Google Play so looking forward to that one. I heard “The Lighthouse” is real good and getting a lot of award buzz but it seems it has gotten ignored by the Academy pretty much. “The Lighthouse” movie only got nominated for Best Cinematography category which kind of sucks. I do want to see that film and been wanting to see it for a while. Looks good.

Other than that, the Oscars looks good this time and I might actually watch this one. Yeah, there’s probably gonna be a lot of politics and Trump bashing but I’ll do my best to ignore all that. I’m just curious to see what’s gonna win Best Picture, Best Leading Male actor and Best Supporting Male Actor. I want Tom Hanks to win for the Mr. Rogers role and I really think he’s gonna get it. Joaquin Phoenix is probably gonna win for “Joker” and I wanna see him win that one too.

I haven’t seen “Joker” yet but gonna get around to it tomorrow night. I know “Joker” is the most talked about movie of the year and I’ve never gotten around to seeing it in theater so I bought it on BluRay.

Will “Joker” end up being the first comic book movie to win a “Best Picture” award? I don’t know but it will be amazing so we’ll see. Cross our fingers for now.