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Two more Mission Impossible movies will be coming… they will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie and both will star Tom Cruise…

I’m a huge fan of the “Mission Impossible” movies and I hope they keep making them until Tom Cruise decides he can no longer do them. I’ve been watching the M:I movies since the first one and love them all. I’ve seen “Mission Impossible: Fallout” on BluRay and so far I think “M:I Fallout” is the best one.

Of course, the ending of “M:I Fallout” left open for more films and two more M:I movies just got the green light. M:I 7 will be released in 2021 and M:I 8 will be released in 2022. Both films will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise will continue to play Ethan Hunt, of course. Chris McQuarrie directed “Rogue Nation” and “Fallout” and he’ll be directing two more.


This is good news to me ’cause I love these movies. I’ve always had immense respect for Tom Cruise ’cause I think that man is a great actor. I don’t have to hate the man ’cause of his scientology beliefs. It’s the entertainment that he gives us that matters. I know some people want to avoid his movies like the plague ’cause of his scientology and there are some that thinks the man is an asshole. I never thought he was an asshole. He seems like an alright dude to me.

I just think these Mission Impossible movies are entertaining as hell. I also respect the hell out of Mr. Cruise ’cause he did most of his own stunts throughout these movies. He did stunts through through these movies that could have killed him and I don’t see that stopping for the next two films. Seeing that Tom has the balls to do his own stunts at the age he is at now makes me respect him even more. That’s a part of why I continue to watch these films. I think they’re all great movies.


Another reason that Tom Cruise deserves more respect… he wants to do his own stunts…

Once again, Tom Cruise may not be everyone’s favorite actor but here’s another reason that he’s worthy of some respect here. He wants to do his own action stunts. Most actors prefer green screen and stunt doubles but not Tom. When Tom wants to do a scene that is too dangerous and risky and when the director says “No”, Tom won’t take no for an answer. Tom will throw a temper tantrum and won’t stop fighting for it until the director lets him.

You see, here’s the thing… Tom maybe a bit of a jerk and he maybe pretty demanding when on set but I think what Tom wants is that he wants the action scenes to be real as possible. I think that’s the goal. He wants his action scenes to be realistic. He won’t use green screen or stunt doubles. Most of his scenes in his action movies are all him and done for real. These scenes maybe very dangerous and risky but he’s willing to sacrifice himself in order to pull off a really good action sequence. It’s all about the art. He’s just wants the movie to be real and not fake, ya know?

Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that Tom has balls. He’s certainly isn’t afraid of heights at all as you can see.