The only way to draw lots of people to your music… good songwriting…that’s it!!!

We hear stuff like this all the time. You ask yourself these questions. Why aren’t many people supporting my music? How come my mp3’s aren’t getting too many plays? How come not many people are coming to my gigs? Well, do you ever stop and think, that you need to step up your songwriting skills and improve your craft? If you’re getting lack of support of your music, you can’t put the blame on other people, when the reality is, you need to put the blame to yourself. You have to look at your songs and see what you need improved on. If you want your music to be at your best, you’ve got to be a perfectionist for a lot of reasons. Take everything in songwriting seriously. People are not going to support music if they don’t like it, that’s a fact that’s been proven for years. When a musician complains about lack of support, they get all defensive. Saying things like, “Waaaah, people don’t support me. I’m great and they should respect me”. I’ve been guilty of this myself before. Again that old saying, “You can’t beg for respect, you earn it”.

I’m trying everything I can to improve my songwriting skills. It’s a learning skill, indeed. While you can’t please everyone, there is a way to get everyone to like your music, it just needs to be really good. Good music draws people to your stuff. No other way around it, as I said plenty of times in the past. Someday, I would like to make the best music possible where I can make everyone happy, but it’s difficult to do. This is how EBJ is inspiring me. They’re inspiring me to write better music. If you want to get popularity and success in your music, step up your talent.

Writing a great song that grab a listener’s ear, will get people’s attention. Take your time with the music. No need to rush. You don’t have to have the best singing voice or the best guitar playing skills, all it takes is songwriting talent. I’m going to take lyric writing more seriously too and try to take to a different approach. Maybe make my lyrics more poetic, than storytelling. I’m going to start planning on reading more poetry too. You can’t beg people to enjoy your music, doesn’t work that way. They’ll let you know when you’re good. You don’t tell yourself that you’re good.


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