Trump to nominate Linda McMahon for a position in his cabinet, no surprise there…

Linda McMahon, (who is the former CEO of WWE and she’s also the wife of WWE owner Vince McMahon) is getting a position for Trump’s cabinet. She’s being considered for the Small Business Administration which is perfect for her really.

I had a feeling that Linda was gonna be considered for a part in Trump’s cabinet ’cause Donald Trump is friends with the McMahon family. Trump and the WWE had a long history together. Trump held two Wrestlemania events at his Trump Plaza back in the 80’s. Trump also performed for a hair vs. hair match which was a “Battle of Billionaires” at Wrestlemania 23. Trump is a WWE Hall of Famer too.

Linda left WWE so she can get into politics so it turns out she’s a Republican and is a Donald Trump supporter. This position would be good for Linda ’cause she knows a lot about business since her husband Vince is a businessman.

I’m sure this choice is gonna get the media all worked up. They’ll have a field day with this for sure just because she’s a part of WWE. They’ll be like “Oh no, Trump is having someone from WWE in his cabinet”. They’re gonna smear her and make her look ridiculous, I’m sure!



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