I enjoy listening to metal ’cause that’s where the best songwriting is…

A lot of people can’t see me being a metalhead and they are usually surprised when they find out that I am. I enjoy listening to metal ’cause it’s real art. That’s where the good songwriting is really. Sure, there is good songwriting in other genres of music but I believe “metal” has the best songwriting. I just love the guitar riffs, the rhythm playing, the solos and the lyrics. I listen to bands like Metallica, Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth, Maiden and bands such as those ’cause they helped me in life. I’ve started getting into death metal and black metal too… that stuff isn’t actually all that bad. I love all kinds of metal really. Metal is just cool music to listen to.

I may not have the tattoos and long hair. I may not wear clothes that look like you’ve been shopping at Hot Topic and don’t wear eyeliner and all that stuff but I just like metal for the music. Not for the image. I listened to metal throughout my whole life. When I was a kid, I listened to 80’s hairmetal and listened to 90’s metal as well. I have also attended metal concerts as well. In fact, that was the whole reason I wanted to pick up the guitar in the first place ’cause I wanted to study metal. I still am studying metal ’cause I want to be a hard rock and metal guitarist. I would like to make a metal album of my own someday. I experimented with metal guitar on the electric when I was young. In 2017, my goal is to focus on electric guitar mostly. I spent most of my life playing acoustic and want to shift to electric. Do something a little different. Don’t think I could make loud headbanging and heavy music? Watch me. I think I could make original music similar to Sabbath and Slayer maybe. Me singing those Sabbath songs on video should give you a good enough example that I can do metal. Metal music is what I grew up on.

You should see my Itunes playlist, there’s a lot of metal on it. I enjoy most genres of music but rock n’ roll and metal are my main genres. It’s real art. I’ll always be a fan of heavy music and will never outgrow it.



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