Triple H in WWE forced to retire from in-ring wrestling for good… in other words, he’s done…

In more shocking news, this week Triple H who is a professional wrestler in the WWE announced that he is retired from in-ring “wrestling”. He was forced to retire from wrestling after a health scare that he had. He hung up the wrestling boots after having dangerous heart problems, surgery and dealing with viral pneumonia.

So if you’re hoping that Triple H will have some matches left in him, sorry, never happening. He’ll never have “one last” match, none of it.

Triple H had a really good career run, though. He accomplished everything anyway. 14 time champ, wrestled every wrestler you can think of and he had matches against pretty much all the legends that includes Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

Triple H may no longer be allowed to wrestle anymore but he’s still a part of the business in some way. He’s currently serving as executive vice president, Global Talent Strategy & Development in WWE. He’s still working for Vince.

Triple H started the NXT brand with WWE legend Dusty Rhodes but Triple H ran that brand all by himself when Dusty passed on. Now Triple H doesn’t run NXT anymore.

I’ve always been a Triple H fan, never been a hater.

Now that he’s done in the ring, he could be WWE Hall of Fame bound anytime now… maybe not this year but next year maybe. Believe it or not, Triple H isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Yes, Triple H is in the Hall of Fame as the group D-Generation X but he isn’t in there as a solo performer… yet.

It’s crazy, ya know? WWE is getting short on legends and icons ’cause so many either died or retired.

I’m also looking forward to watching Wrestlemania next weekend.



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