Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters passes away…

Like everyone else, I too was pretty shocked to wake up to everyone in social media saying that Taylor Hawkins the longtime drummer of the Foo Fighters died.

I feel kind of bad for Dave Grohl, ya know? He had so many musician friends that were pretty close to him that has passed on and now you can add Taylor Hawkins to the list. Yes, I woke up to the news that Taylor passed and I agree he’s definitely the GOAT rock drummer of all time.

Anyway, Taylor is not just a drummer, he’s also a singer himself and he also plays some guitar as well.

What I love about Taylor is that he is loved by so many other musicians in the music industry ’cause you see Taylor in pics with a lot of big name musicians. Why? It’s because mutual respect. Everybody respects Taylor’s drumming talent and Taylor respects them back. Taylor is not only a great drummer, he’s also a great guy on and off the stage. On the stage when he’s performing, he’s smiling throughout the whole thing and he definitely likes to make himself look like he’s having a blast. Off the stage, he’s just a nice guy to everyone he talks to. He’s friendly with other musicians in the industry for sure. He’s one to never have an ego, always humble.

I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan since the first album. I’ve been there since the beginning although I still don’t have all of their studio albums and I’ve only got 6 of them. They have a total of 10 albums. I just gotta get there first three… I’ve heard them before but I gotta get them again. I also need to get there newest album “Medicine at Midnight” which I will get soon. I also want to see their “Studio 666” movie but I’ll buy the BluRay when that film comes out.

I’m definitely bummed out about Taylor’s passing like most ’cause he was a great one. He was only 50 too, too young. I don’t want to speculate on what happened but I’m sure we’ll all know what happened to him real soon.

Dave’s been through so much and now he’s gotta deal with this. The question is this, will the Foo Fighters carry on as a band? It’s not yet known but I would think the show needs to go on and Dave probably will continue on ’cause he knows that’s probably what Taylor would have wanted.

Rest in peace, Taylor and thanks for the great drumming.


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