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Pro wrestling legend, Scott Hall passes away this week… another good one gone…

Yesterday, the wrestling world lost a wrestling legend. Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon in WWE and went by his own name in WCW. Scott had a fall and broke his hip. Had hip replacement surgery and then suffered three heart attacks after. Then he got put on life support and when they couldn’t do anything for him, they took him off life support and later he passed on which happened yesterday.

Scott had many problems in his life but he was a legend in the wrestling business and helped changed it over the years. Scott never won a world title in WWE and WCW at all but he accomplished a lot of things. He held other belts like he was 4 time Intercontinental Champ which is a belt for the mid-carders. I’m sure he had other belts in WCW too, he just never won a world champ when he absolutely should have.

Scott had that classic ladder match with HBK at Wrestlemania 10, he was there for the formation of the NWO in WCW during the “Third Man” reveal, he was also there when Hall returned to the WWE later in the years to help debut the NWO… McMahon’s “Lethal dose of poison”.

Later on in the years, Scott Hall tried to improve his life by doing yoga with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. DDP tried to help him get sober… maybe that’s another reason so many respect Scott Hall so much ’cause he tried.

I know I respect him. He was a great wrestler and great mic worker. Definitely one of the best heels in the business.

Yeah, Scott definitely had a lot of problems but still, he was a legend and from what I’m hearing, he was a good guy. A good guy to other wrestlers and he was good to his fans too. Always took the time for selfies and a chat each time he was approached in public. He definitely loved his fan base that’s for sure.

RIP bad guy… we lost another great one.


Hulk Hogan posts new NWO video along with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash… teasing WWE return???

I know some wrestling fans are sick of the NWO and think they’re old and washed up… blah blah blah. Ya know something? NWO 4 Life isn’t just a slogan. It means they’ll always be around. NWO has been a wrestling faction for 22 years like Hulk’s tweet said and as you can see, they still haven’t changed. Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash still look really good together.

Remember, the NWO made their debut in WCW. I’ve been watching a lot of WCW Nitro and I watched the formation of the NWO and it’s very interesting stuff. It all started out with Kevin Nash and Scott aka The Outsiders and they were teasing a third member which they didn’t name for a while. The third man turned out to be Hulk Hogan. The NWO made their formation at the Bash at the Beach ppv in 1996. Yeah, that was 22 years ago and the NWO are still around as you can see. Remember, NWO4Life.

Are they about to make a big WWE return? It seems like it. They are definitely teasing something. Remember, the WWE owns the copyrights and trademarks to the NWO gimmick and the name. The guys can’t use the NWO gimmick anywhere else so it’s definitely seems like they’re making their way back to WWE. Could they make their return at Summerslam this Sunday??? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m a huge fan of NWO, though. I’ve been watching a lot of WCW Monday Nitro on the WWE Network. Once I finish watching WCW Nitro then I’ll start watching all the old WCW ppvs. I’m almost a 100 episodes in WCW Nitro and still got a lot more to go. WCW is pretty historic stuff. I’m glad Vince McMahon bought WCW. If he didn’t then we wouldn’t be able to watch old WCW on streaming services. WCW wrestling is fucking awesome. Wished I watched it on TV back then.


Cool Video: ESPN to air a special about wrestler Scott Hall…

ESPN’s show E60 will air a special about former WWE/WCW star, Scott Hall, who used to be Razor Ramone, and was one of the founders of the nWo wrestling group. Scott has had a long history of battling his addiction of drugs & alcohol, and he is still having problems to this day. His fellow wrestling friends such as Triple H, Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff, Hogan and others tried to help Scott get clean & sober, but it was no good. Scott is still having problems as you can see in this video here.

I really hope Scott Hall gets the help he needs before it’s too late, or else he’s going to be next in line of all those dead wrestlers from the past. I’m even surprised the guy is still alive.

Like Scott Hall or not his wrestling career was really legendary. He had many classic matches and created history with professional wrestling over the years. He was also a tremendous performer & wrestler. I hope he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because he certainly deserves it.

It’s sad what he’s become.


Not a Cool Video: I don’t like what Scott Hall have become, it’s so sad!!!

Charlie Sheen should take note. Sheen should look at what Scott Hall is going through. If you don’t know who Scott Hall is, he is a former WWE/WCW star who used to go under the name of Razor Ramone in old school WWF, plus he was one of the founders of the nWo group in WCW.

Here is Scott Hall, performing at some Indy wrestling event in Fall River, M.A. He felt sick and was hospitalized that night. Scott tried to walk to the ring and climb through it but he couldn’t. You can see he has a group of guys helping him to the ring. It’s sad.

You still have to give Scott credit and kudos though. It’s obvious he didn’t care if he was feeling like that, he was committed to performing. He had a lot of guts performing that night even if he was a mess. The show must go on, I guess.

I wish him well. He is an incredible performer, I always admired him in the wrestling business. Get well soon, Chico!

Watch the video, here.


Report: Kevin Nash goes on a rage on twitter, wrestler slams TNA, Jeff Hardy, RVD, and also bashes wrestling fans…

TNA wrestling star, Kevin Nash (who also used to work for WCW, WWE in the old days) goes nuts on twitter. He calls out TNA company, the company he’s currently working for, threatening to leave on his twitter page.

He also slams RVD and Jeff Hardy in this, tweet.

He’s also on his page harassing other wrestling fans that responded to the controversy.

Read some of Big Kev’s classic responses…here, here, herehere, and the funniest one of them all, is here.

Wow, what a big asshole and a drama queen this guy is. And you wonder why he never made a return to WWE? This guy is a douche and a big cry baby. He’s an egomaniac who can’t seem to get the hint that no one cares about him anymore. You can tell, since he doesn’t have many followers, a little over 33,000. He’s probably jealous of Jeff Hardy and RVD ’cause those two are more popular than Big Cry Baby Nash.


Report: Scott Hall to soon join the club of dead wrestlers?

TNA star Kevin Nash, who is also well known for his work in WCW and early WWE (he wrestled under the name of Diesel), and Nash is a well known member of the wrestling group, the nWo, speaks out on his longtime wrestling friend and partner, Scott Hall. If you don’t remember Scott Hall, he too was a member of the nWo along with Hulk Hogan. Hall also wrestled in WWE under the name of Razor Ramone back in the 80’s.

Scott Hall has been battling substance abuse and alcohol for many years, Kevin Nash says he still is. Is Hall about to join the club of dead wrestlers this year? I know it ain’t cool to predict death on someone but when it comes to wrestling after all the wrestlers that died of drugs and alcohol, I think that makes it okay to.

More on it here: