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Get well soon, Jake “The Snake” Roberts!!!

Another legend have been hospitalized just recently for double pneumonia. Jake “The Snake” Roberts have been one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. This guy had quite a life. He spent many years being a drug addict and alcoholic and all that stuff but with the help of his friend, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts just recently got clean and healthy. I wish Jake Roberts well and hope he recovers.


Vince McMahon challenges Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog for Ice Bucket challenge… will they do it???

I know the Kennedy family had started this viral competition called the Ice Bucket Challenge as a way to help raise awareness to the ALS disease and donate money.

Celebrities and real people like all of us have been doing this challenge in social networking.

I have seen celebrity ice bucket challenges by Triple H, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, William Shatner, Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Ronda Rousey and many others.

So far, I think Vince McMahon is the best one. I love how Vince wears the bucket on his head after he dumped the water and ice on himself. Vince does it in a gym? LOL!

Vince also challenges Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog which is funny. Will they do it? A lot of people think Trump won’t do it but I think he will. Trump has a bigger ego than Vince so he would want his bucket challenge to be better than Vince.

Will I ever do mine? I don’t know… nobody had the guts to challenge me yet or didn’t care to so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m surprised nobody challenged me yet.


Warrior’s wife, Dana, publicly calling out Hulk Hogan…

Hulk Hogan really is a loser, arrogant, self centered and whiny piece of trash.

Before Warrior’s passing, everybody knows about Warrior’s longtime public feud with Hulk Hogan. Now that Warrior is gone… Hulk Hogan is keeping the feud going by talking about Warrior in a negative way in this video interview below.

Well, Dana (Warrior’s wife/widow) responds to Hulk’s interview and she wants him to stop talking about her late husband.

This is what Hulk does, he plays innocent victim when he can’t take any criticism from other wrestlers.

As you just read in Dana’s statement, Dana just publicly exposed Hulk by saying he was the only one in the WWE world who didn’t call or send a card to give Dana and the kids his condolences or whatever. Hulk never did that.

Hulk is a lying, self centered, egomaniac.

There are many other wrestlers who don’t like Hulk Hogan. He feuds with a lot of them.

If Hulk keeps talking about Warrior in interviews, I hope Dana decides to sue him. She should.

While Hulk Hogan is a wrestling legend and changed the wrestling business, he really is a piece of trash in real life. He really is a despicable human being. Always has been and he haven’t changed as you can see.


Happy birthday Hulk Hogan!!!

Hulk Hogan’s life may have been pretty crazy and controversial over the years like all of his scandals with Linda Hogan, Nick’s car crash, his reality show, the Bubba the Love Sponge sex tape and all that stuff but no matter what you think of Hulk… the man is a wrestling icon and legend. That will never change no matter what happens.

I do respect his legacy in the wrestling business, though. I liked Hulk Hogan more back in the 80’s and I also loved him as Hollywood Hogan in the nWo days. He also made a few good movies like “Rocky III”, “No Holds Barred” and maybe a few others.

He may not be everyone’s favorite but he was a big part of how sports entertainment is the way it is today. He was the one who helped made the WWF/WWE happen. Without Hogan we wouldn’t have gotten WCW, ECW, TNA, etc.

I haven’t been watching WWE RAW in a long time. Been staying away from the show ’cause I don’t like the way it’s going to but I’m going to watch tonight’s RAW for Hogan’s birthday appearance. Rumor going around that nWo might get reunited tonight and Sting might show up too. I’ll have to watch and see. I’m probably gonna start watching RAW again every Monday ’cause you never know when Sting is gonna show up.

Happy birthday, Hulk! Enjoy it, brother!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother and cousin involved in car accident but they’re okay…

Former WWE Star and currently movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just revealed on his facebook page that his mother and cousin was involved in a head-on car accident. The guy in the other car was drunk. Dwayne’s mother and cousin both survived though. Not sure if they got any injuries or not but I’m glad they’re okay.

Getting into a car accident is pretty scary. I know from experience ’cause I was in one in the past. I wasn’t the driver, of course, I was passenger. Sitting in the front seat. I spent a night in the hospital. Had cuts all over my face. We didn’t crash into another car though. Crashed into a couple of drunk horseback riders. Couple of drunk idiots riding horses in the middle of the road late at night. Good thing I had my seat belt on that night or I could have gone through the windshield and things could have been worse. Can’t remember what year this was. I think sometime in early 2000 or something like that.

Sounds like Dwayne’s Mom and cousin were wearing seat belts too if they survived. If they didn’t wear seat belts, things could have been worse… maybe even death.

Dwayne better not find out who the drunk driver is ’cause he will for sure layeth the smackdown on his candyass if he ever finds out. Glad Dwayne’s Mom and Cousin survived. I also hope the drunk driver gets harsh punishment.


If Sting isn’t gonna wrestle Undertaker @ WM-31, this is who he’ll probably wrestle instead…

If the Undertaker isn’t able to wrestle at the next Wrestlemania and if he’ll be done, this is who I think Sting would wrestle against instead. That’ll be none other than Hulk Hogan. Sting vs. Hulk Hogan as the headlining main event for WM-31? That sounds like a Wrestlemania indeed!

Sting and Hogan knew each other for a pretty long time. They had plenty of matches together when they worked for WCW and Sting/Hogan had a match together in TNA. Why not have them two have a match for WWE???

Sure, Hogan’s health is not that great and he is aging but Sting is getting old too!!! I’m sure both of these guys are capable of putting on an incredible match together.

On another note, Sting vs. Hogan at a Wrestlemania would be very huge. I can’t think of no other opponent replacement other than Hogan. Sure… Triple H, John Cena, The Rock or Bray Wyatt won’t be a bad idea but it won’t be much of a draw. Sting vs. Hogan would draw in more ppv buy rates.

Sting is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is still planning one last match in WWE. Having them two wrestle each other at a Wrestlemania would be a perfect way for them to go out on a positive note.

Sting already named his opponent but he’s not saying who yet. It’s probably gonna be either Undertaker or Hogan.


The icon Sting is at San Diego Comic Con and here is the proof!!!

I guess this is a definite confirmation that the Icon Sting have finally signed a WWE contract after all these years of him avoiding the company. It’s a fact that Sting has never worked with WWE before. WWE have been wanting him for years and he just kept saying “No” until now.

In the instagram video above, there is Sting the man himself, the former WCW/TNA star. The man is a wrestling legend and he is finally making his way to the WWE. I’m sure it’s not gonna be a full time run for Sting… he’s probably just coming for one match at Wrestlemania 31, I would think.

Sting has probably signed a deal to appear in the next WWE videogame, he’ll probably release a new 3 disc DVD set of his WCW career, and he’ll probably perform on RAW until his Wrestlemania match.

Everybody wants Sting vs. Undertaker for WM-31 but that is pretty unlikely. Sting is probably gonna have his last match against Cena, Triple H or Brock Lesnar. Maybe Hulk Hogan too?

When will Sting make his RAW debut??? Probably not this coming Monday, I would think he would start performing on TV sometime before the next Wrestlemania.

I didn’t watch a lot of WCW but I did watch Sting a lot when he was in TNA. I like Sting. He’s a great performer and wrestler. They don’t call him the icon for nothing. Glad he’s finally on his way to WWE.

Why did Sting avoid WWE after all these years? They don’t have anything against each other. They were always friends and got along… it’s just that Sting had his own reasons. Maybe he wanted to wait for the right time? Now he feels that the timing is right. If you wanna know why he avoided WWE Sting explained it in interviews many times, youtube it.


Edit to add: Here’s another video of Sting talking about his WWE future…

WWE teasing a future transformation with company but what is it gonna be???

WWE just posted this cryptic teaser today. It’s mysterious and it will keep you guessing but there is a few clues, though. This means that the WWE is planning to transform the entire company. Fans are guessing a possible new logo and possible new title belt designs but they wouldn’t tease over something that small. Sounds like they are teasing something really big.

In my opinion, I think the transformation is gonna be a rating change. Is Attitude making a comeback? During the 90’s in the WWE was the Attitude Era where it was a TV-14 rating. Back in those days, that’s when it was called wrestling. The wrestling was good back then. The hardcore matches where they would use any weapon. Lots of blood. A lot of swear words. A lot of sex and women showing a lot of skin and cleavage. Will all that stuff be coming back?

I’d say it’s a huge possibility. Never say never on an Attitude comeback. That was when wrestling was great.

Why is the WWE possibly bringing the Attitude Era back? I think it’s because the PG era isn’t doing so well for them. WWE have turned into kids shows and a lot of longtime wrestling fans stopped watching WWE ’cause of it. That’s the reason I stopped watching WWE and took long breaks from watching it ’cause I can’t stand the PG rating. I can’t stand the John Cena show by having him win all the time. It grew tiresome for me.

I think it’s a great time for the WWE to bring Attitude back. A lot of the new wrestlers today deserve to experience that. It’ll be awesome if they bring back Attitude. I’ll start watching again if they do.

Seriously, I haven’t been watching WWE. Haven’t been watching for at least a year now. I haven’t been liking their creative direction and the matches these days suck. I will always respect and love the superstars though, I just want the good writing and good wrestling to come back.

I did watch Wrestlemania 30 earlier this year, however, and it was actually a pretty amazing show.


Warrior’s wife taking over inspirational teachings about life??? Seems so…


It seems Warrior’s wife who’s she calling herself, Dana A. Warrior, is taking over his online inspirational life teachings. We all know that Warrior was VERY deep into philosophy kind of like Ayn Rand but it’s looking like Warrior just passed the torch to Dana before he passed. Seems that Warrior has been teaching his “life” inspirations to his family and passed it along to them just like he passed this stuff to all of us. It’s looking like Dana will keep in touch with all of us. Look like Warrior taught her a lot and taught her to be strong even through the ups and downs in life. You think Dana will be in a emotional wreck for a while since Warrior passed but apparently not. It appears she stayed strong and happy like Jim Hellwig taught her. Warrior wanted people to be strong, happy and have a successful life and Dana is just keeping that inspiration going. It’s probably her way of getting through this difficult time.

This is pretty amazing stuff… this family.