Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother and cousin involved in car accident but they’re okay…

Former WWE Star and currently movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just revealed on his facebook page that his mother and cousin was involved in a head-on car accident. The guy in the other car was drunk. Dwayne’s mother and cousin both survived though. Not sure if they got any injuries or not but I’m glad they’re okay.

Getting into a car accident is pretty scary. I know from experience ’cause I was in one in the past. I wasn’t the driver, of course, I was passenger. Sitting in the front seat. I spent a night in the hospital. Had cuts all over my face. We didn’t crash into another car though. Crashed into a couple of drunk horseback riders. Couple of drunk idiots riding horses in the middle of the road late at night. Good thing I had my seat belt on that night or I could have gone through the windshield and things could have been worse. Can’t remember what year this was. I think sometime in early 2000 or something like that.

Sounds like Dwayne’s Mom and cousin were wearing seat belts too if they survived. If they didn’t wear seat belts, things could have been worse… maybe even death.

Dwayne better not find out who the drunk driver is ’cause he will for sure layeth the smackdown on his candyass if he ever finds out. Glad Dwayne’s Mom and Cousin survived. I also hope the drunk driver gets harsh punishment.


4 thoughts on “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mother and cousin involved in car accident but they’re okay…”

    1. Obviously not. I think they died, of course. The horseback riders survived but they weren’t in very good condition. I heard they were covered in bandages and stuff like that.

      I was the only one in the car with slight injuries. The other two guys I was riding with was okay. The reason I had glass all over my face ’cause one of the horses head went through the windshield, I think. I remembered being helped out of the car and being taken away in an ambulance. I didn’t have that much experience being taken away in an ambulance like that but that was something.

      If you ever see me in person you might notice a few things on my face and arms. I still have a few scars from it and stuff.

      It was a pretty scary night, I’ll never forget. Even though I only spent one night in the hospital and then they let me go, it still took me forever to heal my face. I had to wear this white stuff that helps heal the face and I had to look like that everywhere I go.

      When that happened, I think I was on my way back home with a couple of friends from a movie or something like that.


      1. I try not to talk about this incident ’cause I’m trying to move forward and forget it but each time somebody brings up a car accident… I have no choice but to bring it up. Maybe this is part of why I don’t get myself into driving ’cause I’m scared something like this might happen again, ya know???


      2. I know it may sound crazy and a little controversial about drunk horseback riding ’cause some people never heard of it but yeah, there is a such thing. People do ride horses drunk and it happens all over the country, all the time. It maybe legal in some states and illegal in some states, not sure. I’ll research into it. You can drive drunk on anything. Not just cars. You can drive drunk on motor boats, jetskis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc. There is a such thing as drunk horseback riding too. It’s nothing new.


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