Vince McMahon biopic in the works? Okay, who’s gonna play Vince in his own biopic film?

Well even more movie news, Vince McMahon who is the legendary owner of WWE (formerly known as WWF) is finally getting his own biopic film. That means an actor is gonna have to play Vince in the film which is titled, “Pandemonium”. Tristar will make the movie.

It’s looking like this movie is going to be about how Vince McMahon Jr. started the WWF/WWE. About how Vince started his career in wrestling. I’m sure the film will go from young Vince to old Vince to where he is now. Vince bought the company from his father in 1982, it used to be called the Capital Wrestling Corporation but Vince changed the name to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). The WWF kept its name until they lost a lawsuit against the World Wildlife Fund so they were forced to change the name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Over the years of the wrestling business sparked all kinds of controversy. They were never for everybody, you either loved or hated the wrestling business but whether you loved them or hate them, Vince is a genius. I think Vince deserves his own biopic film and his story deserves to get told.

I wonder if in the film, they’re planning on using Vince as the evil owner as Mr. McMahon? You know, do his iconic walk while his theme song plays. It’ll be pretty cool if they did that and I’m sure they will.

This also means that they’ll have to find actors to play Vince McMahon Sr., Linda McMahon, Shane & Stephanie. I think it could be an interesting movie if made right.

So who’s going to be playing Vince? Will they use a well known actor? They need to find an actor who looks like Vince and they need to find somebody who is built & jacked ’cause Vince himself is a pretty jacked guy for his age.

I think J.K. Simmons would be perfect. The right age, plus Simmons is a pretty jacked guy and Simmons temper-tantrum is pretty scary just like Vince. So J.K. Simmons would be perfect, in my opinion. Willem Dafoe isn’t a bad choice as well.



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