Ya know I’m actually kind of glad Hulk Hogan shut down Gawker, fuck that website, good riddance…

I know I’ve ripped the hell out of Hulk Hogan for many years but I’m finally starting to agree that maybe Gawker did mess with Hulk and invaded his privacy. I’m actually kind of glad Gawker is gonna be gone because they were a liberal blog anyway. Gawker was a garbage liberal blog and all they did was bash Donald Trump. Gawker was also in bed with Hillary and all the liberal politicians. No wonder Univision is buying Gawker Media ’cause Univision bashed Trump too.

I guess I’ll have a change of heart with Hulk and become a fan of his. I really mean this too. I feel kind of bad for bashing Hulk so much ’cause that man is such a wrestling legend. Love him or hate him, Hulk accomplished a lot in the wrestling business. He did so much. Honestly, I’ve been watching a lot of old Hogan matches on WWE Network and the more I watch his classic matches, the more I respect him. That’s a promise, no more Hogan bashing on my blog. Look like Hulk is gonna get his payment from Gawker soon after all.

I think Gawker attacked Hulk ’cause maybe Hulk is a conservative and he supports Donald Trump? Hulk Hogan does have conservative views in politics, he always did.

WWE should do the smart thing, re-instate Hulk’s contract and bring him back to the company. Put his name back in the Hall of Fame too.


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