Metallica finally announces new studio album and releases new song…

Well, it’s finally here… the wait for new Metallica album is almost over! For a long time now, Lars Ulrich kept promising that a new Metallica album will be out in Nov. Well, the new Metallica album titled, “Hardwired… To Self Destruct” will get a Nov. 18th release like Lars promised. The album cover has been revealed too as you can see in photo above.

As far as my thoughts on their new song, “Hardwired” they just put out. WOW! The new song reminds me of back in the 80’s thrash days. My god, the sound quality is a huge IMPROVEMENT too! You can actually hear Rob’s bass this time which sounds awesome and pretty tight as hell. Lars’s drumming is not as annoying. His snare is not that loud either and they turned it down some which is awesome. So far, so good!

Can’t wait to hear the rest of it in Nov. I’m a huge Metallica fan. Heard everything they did and I will buy this album when it comes out.


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