Like I predicted, people are still bashing Metallica even when they wanted a new album from them… lame…

So Metallica announced a new album and released a new song, sure enough, people are still bashing the band like I predicted. I don’t get so-called Metallica fans. They beg & beg the band to release something new and when they do, they continue to bash them like hell. Really? I think it’s pretty obvious then that fans are looking for an excuse to criticize the band even more. That’s why they want Metallica to release more music so they can have something to criticize.

Me? I’ve never been that type of person. I’ve always done my best to treat bands positively even the famous bands.

I find nothing wrong with the new song at all as I think the sound quality is a huge improvement, I think. The new song “Hardwired” is tight as hell. I’ll admit that Lars’s drumming improved a lot too. Like I keep saying, Metallica can never make everybody happy no matter what they do. Wait until the new album comes out, the haters will be bashing it like crazy, I’m sure.

No matter what the haters & critics think, I’ll always be a loyal Metallica fan. The boys in Metallica still have it even if they are aging. They can still play thrash metal well and it’s unbelievable they can play a thrash metal song in 3 minutes. Gotta give them props for that right? Most Metallica songs are between 5 – 20 minutes. They very rarely write a 3 minute song. Sometimes they do, though.

I remember Lars and James saying that the new album is gonna sound like the Black Album a little bit but after hearing the new song “Hardwired”, I can hear a lot of Black Album on it so they must be right.

There’s always gonna be people bashing the musicianship of Metallica and there will always be critics of the sound quality of the album too. Regardless of the critics, Metallica is still a great band. Hate ’em all you want to but like they all say, “Haters are gonna hate”. Just ignore the haters and just enjoy the music. I don’t listen to haters & critics. Just because they say it, doesn’t make it true. They’re all opinionated. Let ’em be.



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