To Trump supporters and NeverTrumpers, don’t trust the media…


This video above by Dennis Michael Lynch is really good. It’s a must watch for Trump supporters and NeverTrumpers should watch it too. There are still some supporters who really believe that Hillary is in the lead in the polls but don’t be quick to believe the lies by the corrupt media. As for the NeverTrumpers that believes all the lies by the media are just gullible people who believe everything they see.

Dennis Michael Lynch is so right that the media takes things from what Trump said just try to make him look like a whack job but when you watch the full video of Trump’s speech, you would see that Trump is actually intelligent.

That’s what the media does… they just pick and choose all the things Trump says from speeches, press conferences, interviews, etc. and that’s how they try to make him look bad. Dennis goes on to say why the media is obsessed with trying to take down Donald Trump? Well, it’s because they’re trying to get us not to vote in the election. Media trying to get us to stay home. Some people already have decided to not to vote in the election at all ’cause they don’t want to vote for Hillary or Trump so that means they caved in to the media like cowards. Us Trump supporters like me won’t cave in to the media, though. We’re not falling for the media’s bullshit at all. It’s easy to see through their bullshit.

If you think the media’s treatment toward Donald Trump is bad just wait until he actually becomes president. The media will get a lot worse. The media will never be on his side no matter what happens. When Trump becomes president, the media will do all they can to get him impeached. Real sad that the media has to treat Trump like he’s the enemy instead of Obama & Hillary. Anybody that believes the media’s bullshit is an idiot and needs to get educated.


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