Today is Vince McMahon’s 72nd birthday, thank you Vince for the entertainment and wrestling…

Happy birthday, Vince McMahon who just turned 72 today. Whether you like the wrestling business or not, you gotta respect this man. He worked very hard to bring WWE to where it is today. I respect this man so much. We all do. We wouldn’t have been wrestling fans if it wasn’t for this guy.

To all you parents out there who enjoys taking your kids to live WWE shows, you should thank Vince for that ’cause he did all that. Us wrestling fans not only respect the hell out of Vince ’cause he’s a good performer in which he definitely is, we respect him so much ’cause he gave us wrestling. Period. End of story.

The WWE is still strong and becoming a much stronger company. Vince did that all himself and took him over 30 years to do it. Love him or hate him, he knows how to put on a fucking show. We all love Vince. He’s a hero to the wrestling community.

Thank you, Vince.


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